Keys to Freedom

A Discipleship Study Equipping You to Live Free, Stay Free

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Whatever your age, whatever your life stage, male or female, new or established believers alike, our heart is to see the body of Christ equipped to live whole and transformed lives.

7 Keys to Freedom

Across eight weeks, with five daily readings each week, this study will take you on an interactive journey with God to explore:

  1. Committing and connecting to Christ
  2. Renewing your mind
  3. Healing life’s hurts
  4. Choosing to forgive
  5. Breaking generational patterns
  6. Choosing freedom over oppression
  7. Maintaining lifelong freedom
Keys to Freedom Study Guide Preview

Keys to Freedom Videos for Group Discussion

Keys to Freedom Videos for Group Discussion

Founder & President Nancy Alcorn

“This study is our way of taking the keys to freedom—used within the four walls of our Mercy homes—and placing them into the hands of every person who wants to live free and stay free. We want to see more people able to navigate their lives from a place of freedom and wholeness, using the biblical tools of transformation made available by God through His Word.”

Nancy Alcorn
Founder & President of Mercy Multiplied

Journey Through Keys to Freedom Individually, as a Group or One-on-One

Keys to Freedom Study Guide

Study Guide

Keys to Freedom Leader Guide

Leader Guide

Keys to Freedom Mentor Guide

Mentor Guide

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Taken from Keys to Freedom, this five-day devotional sets you on a path to a deeper understanding of our inheritance in Christ and the authority we have as believers.

“What I love about the study is that no matter where you are in your walk with God, how deep your wounds are, or how much baggage you have, this study meets you right where you are. It is good for literally everyone.”


“This study gave my identity in Christ back to me, to walk every day knowing who I am and Whose I am. I haven’t felt free like this, maybe ever. I recommend this study to EVERYONE!”