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About Mercy Multiplied

About Mercy Multiplied

Mercy Multiplied is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to helping young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations, including eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, unplanned pregnancy, depression, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. We hope to help every woman we serve experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.

Residential Program

Mercy’s residential program is voluntary, biblically based, and completely free of charge to young women ages 13-32. It uses proven methods and counselors, lasts approximately six months, and features a multi-dimensional approach to heal body, mind, and spirit. We address the root causes of the issues women face, rather than merely medicating symptoms or modifying external behavior. Our goal is to help residents permanently stop destructive cycles, discover purpose for their lives, and become productive and thriving individuals. Learn more

Outreach Programs & Resources

Mercy Multiplied’s outreach activities are designed to educate leaders, equip individuals, and empower churches. Our programs and resources are based on the same biblically based, life-transforming principles used by Mercy homes for over 35 years in helping troubled young women find lasting freedom and live an empowered Christian life.

MPower Workshops

MPower Workshops are two days of comprehensive training designed to educate, equip, and empower participants to support others who are struggling with life-controlling issues like eating disorders, self-harm, and abuse. Learn more

The Freedom Experience

The Freedom Experience is an exciting two-day event designed to help women release the destructive thoughts, feelings, and habits blocking them from living the life of true freedom that’s their birthright in Christ. Learn more

Guidelines Workshop

Guidelines is a two-day training for people who have a vision to start a Christian residential program similar to but different from Mercy. Learn more


Mercy Multiplied was founded by Nancy Alcorn in 1983 after an eight-year career working with juvenile delinquent girls and investigating child abuse cases. Nancy’s work gave her unique insight into the many reasons social problems exist, particularly in young women. It also gave her direct encounters with secular programs that were not producing permanent results. Determined to establish a program in which lives would truly be transformed, Nancy opened the first Mercy home in Monroe, LA. Today Mercy homes exist in Monroe, LA; Nashville, TN; Sacramento, CA; and St. Louis, MO. International affiliates exist in the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand.

Mercy Multiplied operated under the name Mercy Ministries until October 2015, when we changed our name to better reflect our expanded outreach initiatives and commitment to “multiplying” Mercy outside of our residential homes. Click here to learn more.

What makes Mercy different?

1. We believe freedom is possible!
We don’t teach methods of coping with life-controlling issues, we teach God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and life-transforming power.  Our program gives young women the tools they need to break free!  We apply Christian principles and teachings with proven methods and a counseling staff.  Our approach to healing allows young women to permanently stop destructive cycles and prepares them to take hope out into their communities.

2. Our program is completely FREE OF CHARGE
We want our residents to know that we genuinely care.  They can trust us because we are not making money off of their problems. We raise all the financial support for our programs through private funding.

3. We have seen thousands of lives transformed
Mercy has helped over 3,000 residents since it was founded in 1983.  In a recent survey of former Mercy residents, 94 percent of respondents said Mercy “transformed their lives and restored their hope.”  Time and time again we have seen girls who have no hope or will to live develop into strong, passionate leaders.  God is using Mercy graduates to impact lives all over the world.