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Outreach Services | Mercy Multiplied

Outreach Services

Equipping Churches. Educating Leaders. Empowering Individuals.

MPower Workshops

Whether you are a concerned family member, caring friend, church leader, professional, or someone involved in pastoral care, MPower Workshops can help you understand more about life-controlling issues, steps to helping and supporting others, as well as how to stay healthy and whole in the process.

Guidelines Workshops

This one-day training seminar is designed for people who have a vision to start a Christian residential program similar to but different from Mercy. Sessions offer an in-depth look at the Guidelines manual and are led by key Mercy staff. (Offered in conjunction with MPower Training.)

Freedom Series

Our Freedom Series is for anyone wanting to fully live the life Christ created us to have. This life-changing series teaches a biblical model for lasting freedom and offers the 7 practical keys to healing and freedom in Jesus Christ. Includes a book and videos by Nancy Alcorn and an in-depth study for personal or group use, all designed to be used separately or in conjunction with each other.

Freedom Advocacy Program

Our Freedom Advocacy Program equips men and women to effectively empower those who are struggling in a way that brings about true healing and life transformation within their communities, churches, schools and more.

The Freedom Experience

We all have fears. We all have insecurities. The Freedom Experience will give you the keys to redefine your life and release the destructive thoughts, feelings, and habits blocking you from living the life of true freedom that’s your birthright in Christ!

Invite a Mercy Ambassador

Invite a Mercy Ambassador to spread awareness about Mercy and the life-controlling issues we deal with, including sexual abuse, eating disorders, addictions, and self-harm. Mercy graduates speak on behalf of our organization as Ambassadors, sharing their inspirational stories of hope and life transformation.

Freedom Tools

Includes “Who I am in Christ” truth statements, Scriptural Declarations, The Armor of God, Hearing the Voice of God, and Baggage Beliefs & Freedom Facts.

MercyTalk Podcasts

MercyTalk podcasts address important, real-life issues with straight talk based on biblical wisdom and three decades’ of experience helping people find freedom from life-controlling issues.

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