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Do you feel the weight of people’s brokenness and desire to effectively help?

Do you ever feel unsure about how to help someone?

Do you need a solution that works for helping people who are struggling?

We will equip you to help others more effectively!

Get equipped for helping

Grow in confidence

Witness lives transform

Watch your ministry grow

“These are amazing principles that everyone in the Church should be equipped with!”

Jordan, Columbia, TN

“I highly recommend attending the MPower Workshop for any and every Christian, from newly born-again to senior saints! You will be changed because of it!”

Greg Williamson
Pastor of Valley Christian Church, Hopewell Junction, NY

Why MPower?

We want to share our expertise and experience from 36 years as a ministry to educate, equip, and empower pastors, ministry leaders, teachers, counselors, parents, and others to more effectively help and support people who are hurting and struggling, while staying healthy and whole in the process.

We know what it’s like to feel the weight of people’s brokenness and the desire to effectively help them. But so few people feel equipped with the tools for helping people in a way that results in true life transformation. At MPower, you will receive practical tools that you will not only be able to put to work in your own life, but in the lives of all those you love and care for.

Teaching sessions at the MPower Workshop are led by a team of Mercy staff members who have a vast amount of education and experience in counseling and ministering to hurting people in a wide variety of settings, including professional counseling and church pastoral ministry.

Mercy’s residential program specifically helps young women, but the MPower Workshop is created to equip anyone who serves in a “helping” role with men or women of any age. We desire to stand shoulder to shoulder in this fight for the full freedom Jesus died to give us all.

“The MPower training was the single most valuable thing I’ve done in preparing myself to work with women in recovery. I would recommend it to anyone with no hesitation.”

Kelly Lyndgaard
Founder & CEO of Unshattered Women’s Recovery Center, Hopewell Junction, NY

What You’ll Learn

It is vitally important that you know who God has called you to be as His ambassador for freedom and healing. But it is just as important that you know what you are not called to be! In this session we dive into the important characteristics of an “ambassador of freedom”, understanding your role in other people’s lives (as opposed to God’s role in their lives), knowing who you can help and who you cannot help (yet), and having a firm grasp on when outside help is needed.

It is so important to remember that helping someone who is hurting is much more complex than just fixing the eternal issues/struggle. We’re called to help others discover the root causes to their struggles and to disciple them into a relationship with Jesus where He can bring healing and transformation at a root level in their lives. In this session, we unpack the concept of the “why” behind people’s “what”.

In this session, we dive into the importance of understanding the source of people’s pain, how Jesus responded to hurting people, how to love someone who is struggling well (including key principles of listening and responding to them), and we discuss more about what’s happening under the surface of the struggles in our lives.

It is vitally important for you to establish safeguards for yourself when working with hurting people, because your best gift to others is a healthy you! In this session, we will discuss very practical safeguards that you can build into your life to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be for the people that you are helping.

Hearing God’s voice is foundational to every key to freedom that we will discuss. We believe that true and lasting freedom is not possible outside of the presence and truth of God that He communicates with us. We will discuss God as a relational God, explore some of the ways that He may communicate with us, and talk about how to discern His voice.

We will unpack the keys to freedom that have proven transformational to thousands of hurting people for over 3 decades:

Key 1: Total Commitment to Christ
Key 2: Healing Life’s Hurts
Key 3: Renewing the Mind
Key 4: Choosing to Forgive
Key 5: Breaking Generational Patterns
Key 6: Freedom From Oppression
Key 7: Maintaining Lifelong Freedom

What will be possible for you and your ministry when you tap into these proven principles of healing and freedom? Register for a workshop, and let’s find out together!

Virtual MPower Registration
$75 per person

In-Person MPower Registration
$175 per person

Email outreach@mercymultiplied.com for group registration instructions.

Workshops are geared toward men and women ages 18 and up.

Our Satisfaction Agreement
If you are not 100% satisfied with your time with us, email us within 30 days after the workshop, and we’ll refund your money, 100%.

Upcoming Workshops

Virtual Workshop

October 2-3, 2020

Live Workshop

In-person workshops are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. Our hope is to resume when safe to do so.

Upcoming Workshops

Nashville, Tennessee

February 21, 2020

July 10, 2020

October 2, 2020

“One of the best things you can do for your people is to bring in Mercy Multiplied to train them! The entire day was filled with important teaching so that our church could be better equipped to help hurting people. If you want your people to recognize bondage and to affectionately direct conversations with people who are hurting, THIS is the training they will need!”

Rev. Lynn Holmes
Pastor of Calvary Church, CEO of Calvary Pictures, Memphis, TN

“Everything about the workshop was so informative and can be put to use! Because of my time at MPower, I feel better equipped to help people and safeguard myself in the process.”

Ryan, Lafayette, LA

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