Stopping Fear at the Root

Jul 9, 2024|0 Comments

We may be fearful of a lot of things in life. For some people, they fear rejection or missing out on social gatherings and feeling out of the loop in their social circles. Some people [...]

Hearing God’s Voice

Jun 25, 2024|Comments Off on Hearing God’s Voice

Have you ever wondered how to listen to God? Not just listen to Him, but also recognize His voice when He speaks. It requires you to first get to know who God is before you [...]

Scriptures to Encourage You Today

May 14, 2024|Comments Off on Scriptures to Encourage You Today

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to resource and encourage you no matter what you are going through. Maybe you’re in a season of joy and your relationship with the Lord has [...]

Cultivating Thankfulness

Mar 1, 2024|Comments Off on Cultivating Thankfulness

Taking time to reflect on all that God has given us is a powerful tool for living a full and joyful life. Gratitude and thankfulness help you redirect your focus on the blessings of God [...]

Waiting on God: The Fruit it Produces 

Jan 23, 2024|Comments Off on Waiting on God: The Fruit it Produces 

106, that is the number of times the word “wait” appears in the KJV Bible. This number represents the importance of why God makes His followers wait, and at the appointed time, He begins to [...]

10 Scriptures for Hope During the Holidays

Dec 19, 2023|Comments Off on 10 Scriptures for Hope During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a time of joy, celebration, peace, and fellowship with family and friends. Yet, the holidays can also be a busy, stressful, heavy, and complicated season as well. The to-do lists [...]