Loving and Listening Well

Sep 26, 2023|0 Comments

Do you have a loved one who has struggled or is currently struggling with suicidal thoughts or tendencies? Maybe you, yourself have struggled. Either way, the sad reality is that many of us have been [...]

10 Scriptures for When You’re Overwhelmed

Sep 12, 2023|Comments Off on 10 Scriptures for When You’re Overwhelmed

When life gets hard, it’s easy to push God away. We feel so overwhelmed, and faith can feel like just another responsibility to keep up with. It feels like too much work to spend time [...]

Making Space for Rest

Aug 29, 2023|Comments Off on Making Space for Rest

Have you ever been in such a busy season that it’s hard to even enjoy what you’re a part of? Even the most life-giving activities need to be balanced by a time of rest. Real [...]

The Goodness of God

Aug 15, 2023|Comments Off on The Goodness of God

It's so easy for me to proclaim the goodness of God and shout praises of thankfulness when my life is going smoothly, and my plans seem to be falling into place. It's a bit of a different [...]

A Case for Memorizing Scripture

Aug 1, 2023|Comments Off on A Case for Memorizing Scripture

The Bible is long, and sometimes it’s hard to find what we need or even understand what we’re reading. People often underestimate the power of memorizing Scripture.   At Mercy, we believe that transformation comes from [...]

Accepting God’s Unconditional Love for You

Jul 18, 2023|Comments Off on Accepting God’s Unconditional Love for You

God’s love is unconditional. It’s a central part of our Christian faith, and the reason behind our hope in the Gospel message. But so often we can easily forget that. We can know in our [...]