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Healing Takes Time

Apr 13, 2021|0 Comments

Anything worthwhile takes time. Artists will spend years on a painting, carefully crafting each brushstroke until they have a beautiful masterpiece. Doctors go to school for thousands of hours to learn all they need to [...]

5 Scriptures For Fighting Worry

Apr 6, 2021|0 Comments

Sometimes it looks like a sleepless night. Other times, your heart begins to beat faster and faster. Maybe you get sick to your stomach or feel like it’s hard to breathe. Many times worrying thoughts [...]

You Don’t Completely Understand

Mar 30, 2021|0 Comments

“I completely understand what you’re going through.” Let's be honest. We’ve all probably heard this statement or said it to someone before. And it’s always said out of really good intent and a really good [...]

5 Ways to Cultivate Grace in Your Life

Mar 16, 2021|0 Comments

On my desk in my office, I have a sign that says “Chase Grace.” I appreciate having this daily reminder because my natural instinct is not to give myself (or others) grace. God gives His grace freely to me; however, I have had to learn [...]

Roots and Behaviors

Mar 9, 2021|0 Comments

When someone cuts themselves, you expect them to bleed. Or if someone falls out of a tree, you don’t expect them to hop up and walk around like nothing happened. We not only expect but [...]

Opening Up About Self-Harm

Feb 23, 2021|0 Comments

Self-Injury Awareness Day is March 1. To raise awareness on this topic, one of our counselors at Mercy Multiplied, Leslie Lamb, MS, NCC, LPC is sharing on the blog about how someone can start opening [...]