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The Importance of Staying Mentally and Spiritually Healthy

May 11, 2021|0 Comments

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to share with you an article from our 2021 magazine by Dr. Brooke Keels, Mercy’s Senior Director of Counseling & Program Strategy.  In this article, she gives insight into the importance [...]

My Counseling Journey by Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President

May 4, 2021|0 Comments

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to share with you an article from our 2021 magazine by our Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn!  In this article, Nancy shares about her counseling journey and why going to counseling was one [...]

Are You Too Busy for God?

Apr 27, 2021|0 Comments

Do you ever think about how you spend your time? We often find ourselves doing what seems necessary to get by and moving from event to event on our calendar. But are we actually prioritizing [...]

Healing Takes Time

Apr 13, 2021|0 Comments

Anything worthwhile takes time. Artists will spend years on a painting, carefully crafting each brushstroke until they have a beautiful masterpiece. Doctors go to school for thousands of hours to learn all they need to [...]

5 Scriptures For Fighting Worry

Apr 6, 2021|0 Comments

Sometimes it looks like a sleepless night. Other times, your heart begins to beat faster and faster. Maybe you get sick to your stomach or feel like it’s hard to breathe. Many times worrying thoughts [...]