Believing the Truth (2008 Graduate)

Jul 19, 2022|Comments Off on Believing the Truth (2008 Graduate)

People ask me all the time, “How did you overcome your addictive and destructive past?” The answer is simple… maybe too simple for most.  The way I overcame addiction, sexual immorality, and guilt was…I believed [...]

Receiving God’s Blessings (2018 Graduate)

Jun 28, 2022|Comments Off on Receiving God’s Blessings (2018 Graduate)

I graduated from Mercy in 2018, and it was one of the greatest blessings of my life. I have been pursuing missions through the organization YWAM since then and would like to do counseling ministry [...]

God’s Beautiful Redemption (2017 Graduate)

Jun 14, 2022|Comments Off on God’s Beautiful Redemption (2017 Graduate)

My name is Lisa Marie, and I am so excited to encourage you with a message about God's beautiful redemption.  God uses what the enemy meant for evil for good. Life events, heartaches, and losses [...]

Counselor’s Corner

May 31, 2022|Comments Off on Counselor’s Corner

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to share this year’s Counselor’s Corner article from our Multiply! Magazine.   In this special article, we highlight two of our amazing counselors. Shantray Smith has been [...]

Supporting a Loved One Struggling with Mental Health

May 24, 2022|Comments Off on Supporting a Loved One Struggling with Mental Health

Sitting on the sidelines watching someone you love struggle is never easy. At Mercy, we think it is important to offer resources for those who are struggling but also for the people in their lives [...]

Coordinated Care

May 17, 2022|Comments Off on Coordinated Care

When you are helping someone who is struggling, there’s a powerful tool the enemy will use to get you to carry a load you were never meant to carry. It’s a little thing called the [...]