Mercy’s Church Support Services resource and equip churches to address the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of their congregations and communities.

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What makes Mercy’s approach different?

While we believe that true freedom and healing ultimately come from Jesus Christ, we also believe that professional counseling and Christian discipleship are compatible. Mercy’s programs, resources, and trainings seek to incorporate the best of counseling theory with the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. When these things are integrated, miracles happen, and lives are transformed!

We believe that healing and freedom is possible. We don’t teach methods of coping with issues; we teach God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power, addressing the whole person – spirit, soul, and body.
We believe that God has anointed His Church to bind up the broken-hearted and to proclaim freedom for the captives. We are therefore passionate about equipping not just those in vocational ministry, but the entire Body of Christ to be agents of hope and freedom to those who are hurting and struggling.
We do not seek to equip the Church with all the answers. Instead, we seek to equip men and women in how to lead others to the Healer and connect with the Lord in such a way that He can provide the answers and the healing that is needed. In doing so, our prayer is that leaders in the Church feel a burden lifted, gain clarity on their role within their congregations and communities, and see their people better equipped to minister to those who are hurting and struggling.

Equip Your Team

Healthy churches start with healthy leaders. The MPower workshop equips your team to help those who are struggling, while staying healthy in the process. Bring your team, and then share this invaluable content with your church!

MPower* is a workshop that equips Christians for effective ministry to individuals who are hurting and struggling. At MPower, men and women learn how to help others in a way that encourages true healing and life transformation. Workshop participants also learn practical ways to guard their physical, emotional, and spiritual health as they help others.

*MPower was created by Mercy Multiplied, and reflects experience gained over forty years of helping people find freedom from life controlling issues through our well-known Residential Program and more recently developed Outpatient Program.

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Click here to visit our MPower webpage to view 2-minute video clips of the MPower teaching sessions and read more about topics covered at the workshop.

“The entire [workshop] was filled with important teaching so that our church could be better equipped to help hurting people. If you want your people to affectionately direct conversations with people who are hurting, THIS is the training they will need!”

Rev. Lynn Holmes
Pastor of Calvary Church, CEO of Calvary Pictures, Memphis, TN

Engage Your Church

Mercy’s counseling programs are based on 7 “keys to freedom.” Empower your congregation with these biblical principles through our Keys to Freedom discipleship study and witness lives transform!

The Keys to Freedom study draws from almost four decades of discipleship experience, using principles taken from Mercy’s residential program. It is for the whole church – whatever your age, whatever your life stage, male or female, new or established believer. The study can be done on an individual basis or delivered through small groups. It can also be an effective resource in a 1:1 mentoring or pastoral care relationship. If you plan to lead a Keys to Freedom study, take a look at our Leader Resources page to help you effectively lead or facilitate!

“There seems to be a lack of simple discipleship material that is focused on renewing hearts and minds versus ‘behavior modification.’ But Mercy Multiplied refreshingly recaptures the heart of the gospel. I hope this will help me move our church from talking about a new way of life to walking into it!”

Neil Oldham
Lead Pastor at Cypress Street Church of God, West Monroe, LA

Talk Pastor to Pastor

Mercy has a local lead pastor on staff, our Church Strategy Advisor, Marshall Gallagher.
Marshall helps pastors consider how Mercy’s resources can most effectively impact their church and how to implement those resources according to their church’s goals. He would love to set up a call with you!
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