Are you leading others through the Keys to Freedom study? The following resources are designed to provide you with all that you need to effectively lead Keys to Freedom. We hope these resources are helpful!

KTF Basic Leader Training

Leader Resources

KTF Promo Video

(short video to promote study)


Group Expectations

(what’s expected of your group)


Keys to Freedom Agreement

(an agreement with your group)


Freedom Commitment

(reminders for after the study)


Online Leader Tips

(tips for leading a group online)


Introductory Videos for Group Meetings

Introductory Videos for Group Meetings

Keys to Freedom Survey

If you have already led a group through the Keys to Freedom study, please complete this survey about your experience.

Recursos para el Lider

Las Claves para la Libertad Expectativas para el Grupo


Hoja de Información de Contactos del Grupo


Compromiso y Pacto para las Claves de la Libertad


FAQs: Leading Keys to Freedom

As a Keys to Freedom leader, what do I do if..?