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MercyTalk is a weekly podcast presented by Mercy Multiplied that tackles real-life issues that affect the body, mind, and spirit—like everyday struggles with worry or fear, or more serious issues like abuse and self-destructive habits. Applying the whole-person approach and the biblically-based principles of freedom taught for over 35 years in Mercy’s residential program, MercyTalk hosts and special guests provide listeners with spiritual insight, empowering advice, and practical tools to live the freedom-filled life we were made to live in Christ.

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This month on MercyTalk, we’ll be diving into the book, “The Entitlement Cure”, by Dr. John Townsend and examining how entitlement feeds us two primary […]

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This series is meant to explore our response as believers to topics that are often criticized, belittled or even ignored. This is not a conversation […]

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