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Keys to Freedom

These stories of transformation come from people of all walks of life who have been impacted by Keys to Freedom, a group study written by Mercy Multiplied.

People across the country and around the world are experiencing transformation through Jesus Christ using this interactive, eight-part study that explores hearing God’s voice, connecting with Christ, healing life’s hurts, breaking generational patterns, and so much more.

The following Keys to Freedom testimonials offer hope for those who feel trapped by the circumstances of life.



My head was still full of the lies I so graciously accepted from the enemy all those years. I still looked at myself as a victim of my childhood.

Pastor Scott

The majority of the men went extremely deep and after the study, several of them said it was one of the most life-changing things they had gone through. I believe that the impact was so great.


Keys to Freedom changed my life. This year has been a year of being humbled, sanctified, and foundation-building. I’m walking with confidence in who Christ made me. I’m no longer giving people power over me.


I was so tired of being weighed down with guilt, shame, fear, and unworthiness. The more I gave to Him, the more I felt I could breathe. I started to truly understand what having Christ's authority meant.


I spent much of my time denying and justifying and blaming. It was only leading me deeper into that pit. I would suffocate in the endless cycle that offered no real relief. I was embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone, so I kept silent.


I was very fearful in the weeks before the start of the Keys to Freedom class. I would cry a lot or get angry and irritated for any reason without realizing that this behavior was my psychological response to the possibility of revisiting old wounds.


I was literally covered with guilt, disappointment, shame, and condemnation. I couldn’t see beyond my mistakes. I was stuck. I felt like a pillar of salt, not looking back, just unable to move forward.


What I love about the study is that no matter where you are in your walk with God, how deep your wounds are, or how much baggage you have, this study meets you right where you are.