Mercy Celebrates December Graduates

Samara, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

Mercy Celebrates December Graduates

January 8, 2019

We are so proud of our recent Mercy Graduates. They showed dedication, perseverance and joy as they walked through our doors. Their lives mirror the transformation and freedom that Jesus Christ has given all of us. Congratulations to our grads!

Kiara, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


Life before coming to Mercy was horrible. I found out about Mercy from my counselor, and I applied to the program because I felt that my choice was to either go to Mercy or kill myself.

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Destiny, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


My birth mom was in an abusive relationship. I wanted to defend her, but I couldn’t because I was too young to do anything. I was the youngest of four children, and most of the time I felt like nobody really noticed me. At the age of 2, I was sexually abused by a family member. I was so angry at the world and at myself.

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Mary Elizabeth, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

Mary Elizabeth

Life before coming to Mercy was hopeless. Mercy was my last chance. I was severely depressed, very isolated, very unhealthy, and very discouraged. I was far from God. I found out about Mercy through a former graduate of the program. I had been hospitalized after a traumatic breakdown, and I decided to apply to Mercy after that, because I really needed help. I had gone through every other healing ministry that I knew of but could not seem to maintain the healing I had received.

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Samara, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


I was physically abused when I was young. In the 8th grade, an eating disorder began to form, and in high school, I became depressed, started cutting and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I didn’t believe there was any point of my existence.

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Bethany, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


My biological family was really healthy when I was young.  We went to church every week, and I got saved when I was young. However, when I as 10 years old, my parents became really busy. This started negative attention-seeking in me, because I was longing to be noticed.

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Caitlin, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


I started using drugs when I was 14 years old, and by the age of 18, I was hooked on heroin. I battled my drug addiction for nine years.  At the age of 26, I was raped at a party in my own apartment. I was so covered in shame and no longer cared to live. Every time I used drugs, it became a gamble for my life.

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Cami, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


My life before coming to Mercy was chaotic and depressing. I was so heavy in my eating disorder that I didn’t think I would live to see my 23rd birthday. I was expecting to pass away from my eating disorder. My family and friends had many sleepless nights because of this. I hated myself so much that I literally did anything I possibly could to harm myself. Life was so dark.

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Chelsea, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied


Before coming to Mercy, I was underweight, anxious, and very closed off to the world. I felt like nothing mattered. I was depressed and completely lost and helpless.

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Jenni Lee, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

Jenni Lee

Life before Mercy was a series of ups and downs. It wasn’t a life I wanted to live. I felt like a shell of a person and was desperately afraid that someone would discover there was nothing inside.

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