Mary Elizabeth – 2018 Graduate

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Mary Elizabeth – 2018 Graduate

Mary Elizabeth, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

Life before coming to Mercy was hopeless. Mercy was my last chance. I was severely depressed, very isolated, very unhealthy, and very discouraged. I was far from God. I found out about Mercy through a former graduate of the program. I had been hospitalized after a traumatic breakdown, and I decided to apply to Mercy after that, because I really needed help. I had gone through every other healing ministry that I knew of but could not seem to maintain the healing I had received. When I got to Mercy, I was like a robot – going through the motions, but no life.

A major turning point for me at Mercy happened only six days after I entered the program. Nancy Alcorn came to the California home with Pastor M’Lisa Goff from The Rock Church in Arizona. M’Lisa shared her testimony, and it encouraged me so much. I grew up in church and had the familiar testimony of not really knowing God, but then I encountered Him and was delivered of many of my issues. But then I fell back into sin. I heard so many stories of how people struggled with what I struggled with before they met God, but my struggles came after I met God, and I was so sure He could never use me. M’Lisa had the same experience, yet God totally redeemed her and is using her in incredible ways.

Another turning point for me was when I learned about Renewing the Mind. God really solidified my healing and helped me to walk in authority. I had been through healing and restoration ministries before, but because I hadn’t renewed my mind, I kept falling back into old patterns.

While being at Mercy, I have experienced total transformation in every area of my life. I have been healed emotionally, physically, and mentally. I have hope, courage, stability, and strength that I never knew was possible. I have made lifelong friendships. I know what safety looks like. I have learned that I am worthy of treating myself with respect. I have grown in self-care and have lost excess weight and have been taken off three medications. I have been healed of depression and fatigue, and I have experienced redemption from the trauma I went through in the past with other doctors through the medical care I received at Mercy. I have been nurtured, and I have been treated like royalty in a way that has humbled me and shown me the Father’s heart. I have learned to walk in my authority, and I have so much hope, excitement, vision, direction, and peace regarding the future.

After Mercy, I plan to get established with my art and get involved in an amazing church.

Thank you to Mercy donors for saving my life. You have no idea how much your contributions mean to each one of us. I’m sure you are aware of the impact that you have, but the personal ways that your donations reached our hearts have forever changed our lives. You will have a great reward in heaven.