Samara – 2018 Graduate

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Samara – 2018 Graduate

Samara, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

I was physically abused when I was young. In the 8th grade, an eating disorder began to form, and in high school, I became depressed, started cutting and struggled with suicidal thoughts. I didn’t believe there was any point of my existence.

Between high school and college, I was sent to a treatment center and was admitted to hospitals eight different times, but nothing made me better and I still wanted to die. It was during my final hospital admission that I found out about Mercy. I didn’t want to be living in the same self-destructive cycles for the rest of my life and I knew I couldn’t receive healing without God, so I knew Mercy was my best option.

God has done so much for me during my time at Mercy! He has removed my desires to act on destructive behaviors, and He has given me the ability to not give in to (and actually fight) sinful urges. He’s taught me that I’m not, and will never be, alone; He is always with me. I learned that I actually have a will and am able to make my own decisions and take personal responsibility for my life, myself, and my actions. I’ve also learned to hear God’s voice and have developed an actual relationship with Him.

After graduating from Mercy, I will be returning to college to continue studying music therapy. I hope to graduate and become board-certified so that I can go on to help others with disabilities, as well as those who have gone through similar things that I have. God has also placed on my heart to bring music therapy to Mercy someday.

To all of the Mercy donors, what you do for us means SO much. You’ve made it possible for me to easily come to a safe, Christ-centered place to experience change. Thank you for fighting for and believing in me! Without you, I would not have been able to experience true healing and freedom. Thank you for listening to and being obedient to the Lord!