Chelsea – 2018 Graduate

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Chelsea – 2018 Graduate

Chelsea, 2018 graduate | Mercy Multiplied

Before coming to Mercy, I was underweight, anxious, and very closed off to the world. I felt like nothing mattered. I was depressed and completely lost and helpless.

In July 2017, my mother introduced me to a former Mercy graduate, and she shared her testimony with me. She also helped me come up with a healthy meal plan and schedule, and she prayed with me. Although her kind words and advice were encouraging, she and I both realized that I wasn’t getting better, so she strongly suggested that I apply to Mercy Multiplied as soon as possible. It took me some to get over myself, but when I finally did, I walked into the Mercy doors on April 26.

There were turning points that happened all throughout my journey at Mercy. I learned that God is my Father and I am His daughter. That is where my identity lies, not in the issues I came to Mercy with. I learned that I do matter and that I am worthy of love and being loved. I began to smile again, laugh, and find joy in my life. I began to eat again, different foods that I had sworn I would never touch. It turns out that food can be enjoyable and the world will not implode! I also learned that my body is a temple of God. He created and designed me in a way that He sees as beautiful. I learned to enjoy life and enjoy the company of other people.

God has helped me to find my identity in Christ and develop passions and desires again. I started to dream about a future I thought I could never have. When I was praying one day and asking God for forgiveness, I heard Him say to me, “Daughter, I never left you. I was standing here the entire time. It broke My heart to watch you starve your body of not only nutrients, but of My love for you. Know that I have never left you and I will never let go of you.”

After Mercy, I plan to intern at a women’s fitness studio and learn as much as I can. I also plan to travel with teams on mission trips to help as many people as I can. My ultimate goal is to have the opportunity to share my testimony with young girls all over the world who are fighting for their freedom. I don’t ever plan on forgetting Mercy, the staff, and the helpful tools I have been taught. God has truly done an incredible work in me and the ministry. I will be forever grateful to God and to Mercy for helping me transform and discover a new life worth living.

Thank you so much to the Mercy donors for being so generous, because without their help, Mercy would not be the same. God has called them to serve for such a time as this to help young girls, daughter, wives, and sisters fight for their freedom. You have helped make it possible for young women everywhere to know the love of Christ and find life worth living. Thank you!