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Pastors and Ministry Leaders

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Pastors and Ministry Leaders | Mercy Multiplied

Free people. Healthy church. Thriving ministry.

Does your heart break over how many people sitting in churches today are hurting, broken and bound?

Ours do too.

And like you, we want to see the Church growing to its fullest potential.

We want to see leaders who are energized and excited by the lives that are changing in their ministry instead of being worn out and discouraged.

We want to help YOU and your team lead from a place of health and wholeness, create an effective discipleship process that will produce a healthy and thriving ministry, and boost your passion for what you do. We would love to discuss a customized plan for your church or ministry.

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MPower Workshops

MPower Workshops are designed to equip ministry leaders, lay leaders, and volunteers to help and support those who are hurting and struggling in a way that brings about true healing and life transformation, while staying healthy and whole in the process. The goal of the workshop is to share some of our expertise and experience from 35 years as a ministry to educate, equip, and empower leaders. The principles apply to any situation, age or gender. What would be possible for you and your ministry when you tap into these proven principles of healing and freedom? Register for a workshop, and let’s find out together! Send your staff to one of our live workshops or inquire about a customized, private training for your team!

As a pastor of a church committed to reaching our community, one of the best things you can do for your people is to bring in Mercy Multiplied to train them! The MPower Workshop sessions gave wonderful lessons to my people that were practical, right on point, extremely helpful, and entertaining but truthful. As a pastor inundated with needs from our community and our own church, I was reminded that only God can change hearts and transform lives. The entire day was filled with needed understanding and teaching so that our people could be better equipped to help hurting people. If you want your people to recognize bondage; to affectionately direct conversations with people who are hurting; to lovingly confront addiction and other life-controlling behaviors…THIS is the training they will need! It will transform your fellowship!
Rev Lynn Holmes
Pastor of Calvary Church of the Nazarene and CEO of Calvary Pictures
Cordova, TN

Keys to Freedom Discipleship Study

Keys to Freedom is an interactive discipleship study designed to equip the body of Christ with tools to live free and stay free. The study draws from over 35 years of discipleship experience, using principles taken from Mercy’s residential program. It is for the whole church–whatever your age, whatever your life stage, male or female, new or established believer. The study can be done on an individual basis or delivered through small groups. It can also be an effective resource in a 1:1 mentoring or pastoral care relationship.

There seems to be a lack of simple discipleship material that is focused on renewing hearts and minds vs. ‘behavior modification.’ But Mercy Multiplied refreshingly recaptures the heart of the gospel, freeing us from bondage to sin through the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m excited to explore how Keys to Freedom might be implemented through sermons, studies and also worked into the overall culture of our church long-term. I hope this will help me move our church from talking about a new way of life to walking into it!
Pastor Neil Oldham
Lead Pastor at Cypress Street Church of God
West Monroe, LA

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Residential Program

While Mercy’s Outreach resources and trainings are designed for all people, our residential program is for young women between the ages of 13-32. If there is a young woman in your church or ministry who is hurting and/or bound by negative cycles, we encourage you to refer her to Mercy’s residential program. Our program is voluntary, biblically based, and completely free of charge. It uses proven methods and counselors, lasts approximately six months, and features a multi-dimensional approach to heal body, mind, and spirit. We address the root causes of the issues women face, rather than merely medicating symptoms or modifying external behavior. Our desire is to see the residents in our program walking in healing, wholeness and freedom! Young women can apply to our program at

Nancy’s Alcorn’s heart and passion for hurting girls and unwavering belief that God can redeem and transform any life has not only affected the lives of thousands of girls for eternity, it has also impacted countless leaders and churches around the world. We have seen firsthand the fruit of the Mercy program in the lives of girls who entered the program in bondage and without hope and graduated completely changed, with a brand new understanding of who they are in Christ Jesus!
Pastors John and Debbie Lindell
Lead Pastors at James River Assembly
Springfield, MO

Freedom Tools

We have a number of tools and resources that you can download for free from our website, including our MercyTalk podcasts where we discuss important, real-life issues based on three decades of experience and our free downloadable books that provide support and information on eating disorders, self harm, addictions, and abuse.

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Outside of the cost of resources and workshops, there are no hidden costs associated with Mercy Multiplied’s services to you. We simply ask that you share with other church leaders about your positive experiences with our Outreach program so that more and more churches can be involved in this movement!

Have questions? Contact the Outreach Team at or (615) 831-6987.

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The Keys to Freedom Study Guide from Mercy Multiplied is for YOU—whether young or old, male or female, new or established believers alike. Our heart is to see the body of Christ educated, equipped and empowered to live free and stay free—to be whole, restored, transformed and ready to impact our world with a message of hope.

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