Depression and Suicide: Part 2


Depression and Suicide: Part 2 When you google “overcoming depression and suicide” there are a variety of articles and websites that will come up with many helpful steps to take that address these struggles, but those steps typically focus on the behavior and not the [...]

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Depression and Suicide: Part 1


Depression and Suicide: Part 1 It can be easy to get into the excitement and preparation of the holidays and forget that, while we may enjoy this time of year, it is not always enjoyable for everyone. Some individuals have not experienced joyful holidays in [...]

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Sarah – 2017 Graduate


Sarah - 2017 Graduate I was born to a young, single mother. Since I never had a relationship with my biological father, I believed I was unwanted and unloved. Part of my identity was missing and this left a hole in [...]

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Lauren – 2017 Graduate


Lauren - 2017 Graduate Before coming to Mercy Multiplied, I struggled with severe anxiety and depression. After my parents divorced, I blamed myself for everything and wished I was never born. In 6th grade, I started self-harming. Not a day went [...]

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Bebe – 2017 Graduate


Bebe - 2017 Graduate I was born and raised in Haiti in an orphanage. For 12 years while I was there, I experienced a lot of trauma and physical abuse. I was adopted after the earthquake hit Haiti and had a [...]

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Kailey – 2017 Graduate


Kailey - 2017 Graduate Growing up, I went through a lot of emotional abuse. I didn’t feel accepted for who I was, and it was constantly the root of problems. I grew up believing that to be healthy you had to [...]

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Mikaela – 2017 Graduate


Mikaela - 2017 Graduate I was adopted to a loving Christian family at birth. We moved out of the United States when I was five years old. The kids around me bullied me for being “fat” because I was bigger than [...]

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Heather’s Success Story


Heather's Success Story This week we have the honor of welcoming one of our Mercy graduates, Heather, to MercyTalk! Join Jen, one of our MercyTalk hosts, as she discusses some of Heather’s story and how the Keys to Freedom impacted her life – in and [...]

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Jordan – 2016 Graduate


Jordan - 2016 Graduate I grew up in a very chaotic environment that included domestic violence and abuse. My parents divorced when I was five years old, and from then on, they were almost constantly in custody battles over my siblings [...]

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Sydney – 2016 Graduate


Sydney - 2016 Graduate I grew up with a lot of insecurity and anxiety. Starting in kindergarten, I experienced bullying, and I was left out a lot. I began to compare myself to other girls really early on, and seeds of [...]

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