Emily – 2018 Graduate


Emily - 2018 Graduate My life had always been in complete chaos since I could remember. I grew up in a severely dysfunctional home and was sexually molested by a family member between the ages of five and six. From the [...]

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Carrie – 2018 Graduate


Carrie - 2018 Graduate Fake smiles, broken homes, and feeling all alone. That’s what growing up looked like for me. My mom left when I was two years old, so I always felt like I was a disappointment and that I [...]

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Lauren – 2018 Graduate


Lauren - 2018 Graduate I grew up with godly parents in a loving home. I was introduced to Jesus at a young age and walked with Him throughout my early years. Despite this, I struggled with feelings of loneliness, depression, inadequacy, [...]

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Nadia – 2017 Graduate


Nadia - 2017 Graduate Growing up, I had parents who loved me, but who had an extremely dysfunctional relationship. Although I never knew my biological father, my stepdad treated me as his own, and I always felt love from him and [...]

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Caitlyn – 2017 Graduate


Caitlyn - 2017 Graduate My childhood was full of insecurities. I had a desire to be perfect and please others, but I hated myself and always felt I needed to be better. I thought love from God was extremely conditional. I [...]

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Gracie – 2017 Graduate


Gracie - 2017 Graduate While I was growing up, my mother struggled with addictions. My father was a Marine and was deployed often. My parents divorced, and my mother remarried. I grew up exposed to alcohol all the time, so when [...]

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Presley – 2017 Graduate


Presley - 2017 Graduate I grew up with an alcoholic dad and a working mom. I felt very alone and didn’t spend a lot of time with my mom. My parents divorced, and my mom started dating my stepdad. I felt [...]

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Lydia – 2017 Graduate


Lydia - 2017 Graduate I was born into a Christ-centered family but was exposed to perversion and endured pain. I began taking on a lot of false responsibility and shame. This caused depression and a deep desire to take my own [...]

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Faith – 2017 Graduate


Faith - 2017 Graduate I was never taught how to cope with emotions or deal with conflict. This played a part in how I viewed authority and became defiant. I grew up in the church and was very sheltered from the [...]

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Marinna – 2017 Graduate


Marinna - 2017 Graduate During my childhood, my parents fought often. This made me hide my emotions because I never learned that being emotional was okay. I chose to be baptized when I was seven. A few months later, a bunch [...]

Marinna – 2017 Graduate2018-12-04T10:39:33+00:00
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