Prioritize Your Health as a Woman

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In honor of Women’s Health Week, we want to share some of our tips on how to prioritize your health as a woman- mind, body, and spirit.

This week is National Women’s Health Week, led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health. For many, this week is to serve as a reminder to prioritize their health and take care of themselves. However, “health” is a pretty vague term, and we want to talk about what it means to us.

At Mercy, we take a 360°-degree approach to health, which means our definition includes soul, body, and spirit. We believe that these three components of health are inextricably tied- when one suffers, so do the others. So, with the observance of National Women’s Health Week, we encourage women to celebrate their health and individuality by caring for and feeding into your soul, body, and spirit.

We would love to share some approachable ways to check in with yourself about your personal health from every angle.


Mental health can be pretty difficult to keep in check, especially with this unprecedented, stressful state that the entire world is experiencing. One way that may help your mind feel more at ease during this time would be surrounding yourself with people who make you happy.

Whether it is someone you can reach through a facetime or zoom call, or someone that you are able to see in person, don’t be afraid to lean on those you care about.  We need the support of our loved ones during this time. Sustaining companionship can help immensely in improving your mental state on a day where you feel down.

Our minds can also suffer from being so constantly connected—now more than ever, it seems many of us are incessantly plugged in to our email, social media, and other alerts. Reducing the time you spend scrolling on social media or disconnecting from email for a couple hours (if possible), can really help in easing your mind and helping you to get some clarity.


Practicing good sleep habits, including following a routine for going to bed, and trying to be consistent about not scrolling on electronics immediately before and after sleep!

Eat nourishing foods, but also ones that you enjoy! Honoring your hunger and your cravings is always important, but especially now considering the current stress we are all under. Take advantage of the extra time at home, and experiment with new recipes that you are excited about trying!

Get active in ways that feel right to you! Whether that is putting on a workout video, going for a walk, or putting on some of your favorite music, getting those endorphins flowing can work wonders.


Nourishing your spirit is equally as important as nourishing your body. Feeding your soul with the word of the Lord is a great place to start. Listening to some of your favorite worship tunes is also an easy way to nurture your spiritual health and help your mind feel more at peace. Personal and virtual group prayer are also some great practices to keep up during this time, as our spiritual health thrives when we continue to lean on the Father. Check out some of our favorite verses that address mental and spiritual health here.

With the observance of a week like this, we want to emphasize that health is so much more than what it is discussed to be on a surface level— it is not as simple as eating “right” and exercising more. In fact, the mental and spiritual components of our health as women are equally as important, yet often the first to suffer during a stressful time. So, in thinking about Women’s Health Week, do what you can to make yourself feel your best—health means different things to different people, and can be practiced in so many ways!

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