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Freedom Advocacy Program

Help equip others to experience freedom.

We know what it’s like to feel the weight of people’s brokenness and the angst that comes when you see people without the truth and the tools they need to overcome. Our Freedom Advocacy program equips men and women to effectively empower those who are struggling in a way that brings about true healing and life transformation within their communities, churches, schools and more.

Apply to be a Freedom Advocate

Do you have a heart:
To equip others in such a way that results in transformed lives?

Do you desire to experience:
Renewed confidence and courage as a helper in your community?
A sense of fulfillment and passion for freedom as you help others?

Every Freedom Advocate receives access to a wide variety of FREE resources, trainings, and tools, including a Freedom Advocacy Kit that includes a manual, books and access to our exclusive Freedom Advocates web page and Facebook group. Freedom Advocates also have regular access to the Freedom Advocacy Coordinator when they have questions or need assistance in planning outreach to their community.

Interested in applying to be a Freedom Advocate?

Apply to be a Freedom Advocate

Once you apply, our Freedom Advocacy Coordinator will be in touch with next steps.

Have questions?
Contact the Outreach Team at or (615) 831-6987.

  • Make a 1-year commitment as a Freedom Advocate. (Commitment can be renewed each year.)
  • Attend a Mercy Multiplied MPower Workshop (complimentary registrations given to all Freedom Advocate applicants + 1 guest). There will be a special meeting at each MPower workshop for those planning to become Freedom Advocates.
  • Start a Freedom Group in your community and host regular meetings (we suggest monthly or quarterly) with your group. Members of your Freedom Group will help you plan community outreach events and/or fundraisers.
  • Join Team Mercy 360! Give the gift of freedom to the young women at Mercy Multiplied by raising $360 over the course of the year as a Freedom Advocate. This commitment can be fulfilled by signing up for a monthly withdrawal of $30 per month (essentially $1 per day) or you may choose to raise the $360 through community fundraisers that your Freedom Group hosts throughout the year.
  • Read Nancy Alcorn’s books Echoes of Mercy, Mission of Mercy and Ditch the Baggage within your first year as a Freedom Advocate to enhance your ability to share the heart of Mercy. (These books will be provided at no cost to all Freedom Advocates.)
  • Appoint a co-leader for your community’s Freedom Group. (If you know who this person will be, we encourage you to bring them as your free guest to the MPower Workshop. It will be an invaluable experience for you to attend together.)
  • Work through the Keys to Freedom study with your co-leader. After completion, facilitate (along with co-leader) a Keys to Freedom study in your community. NOTE: One copy of the Keys to Freedom Study Guide and Keys to Freedom Leader Guide will be provided at no cost for all Freedom Advocates.
  • Develop a list of Christian counselors in your area for referral, as you will likely come in contact with individuals who are in need of professional help in their journey to freedom. It’s so important for you to do the research in your area and make yourself aware of local charities, agencies and support services that you can direct individuals to. A great website to search for Christian counselors by area is through the American Association of Christian Counselors at
  • We want to connect with you on social media! One way to engage with us is to share, repost, comment, or retweet Mercy Multiplied on social media. Be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help us spread the word about Mercy.
  • Complimentary registrations to the Mercy Multiplied MPower Workshop for you and a guest (preferably your Freedom Group co-leader if you have already identified this individual)
  • Access to the private Freedom Advocates web pages where you will find numerous tools, resources and downloads provided exclusively to Freedom Advocates
  • Monthly Freedom Advocate Challenges (in private Freedom Advocate Facebook group).
  • Discounts on Mercy resources for as long as you are a Freedom Advocate
    • 20% off all Mercy resources (excludes apparel and accessories)
    • 50% off resource bulk orders of 5 or more items
  • “Advocate Kit” that includes:
    • A Freedom Advocate Manifesto print
    • 1 copy of the following books:
      • Echoes of Mercy
      • Mission of Mercy
      • Ditch the Baggage
      • Keys to Freedom Study Guide
      • Keys to Freedom Leader Guide
    • 3 Mercy Multiplied magazines (1 for yourself, 1 for your co-leader and 1 to be shared!)
    • 25 “Need Help?” cards
    • Downloadable links to the Mercy promotional video, Mercy history video and testimonial videos (upon request)
  • All of the benefits of being a Team Mercy360 member (once you have either set up a monthly automatic withdrawal of $30/month or your team has raised $360). Benefits include:
    • A customized Team Mercy 360 t-shirt
    • A FREE annual registration to one of Mercy’s four “Run for Mercy” 5K events
    • The exclusive opportunity to share notes of encouragement with Mercy residents that will be digitally displayed in each U.S. Mercy home