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Makiah works on the marketing team here at Mercy Multiplied and is passionate about helping others know their identity in Christ. Her favorite things are music, boba tea, and good books.
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Healing Takes Time

2021-04-21T10:20:37-05:00Apr 13, 2021|Miscellanous|

Anything worthwhile takes time. Artists will spend years on a painting, carefully crafting each brushstroke until they have a beautiful masterpiece. Doctors go to school [...]


2021-01-15T14:22:13-06:00Dec 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

When I was a small child, a family member was physically and spiritually abusive towards me. They also heavily favored my brother over me which [...]


2021-01-15T14:12:12-06:00Dec 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

To paraphrase a message by Andy Stanley, never leverage another person’s pain to justify the inexistence of God because what you’ll often find in the [...]


2021-01-15T14:04:43-06:00Dec 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I was raised in the church and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was five years old. Even though I had Godly influences [...]


2021-01-15T14:00:27-06:00Dec 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

When I was a baby, my father moved to America to support our family financially, and shortly after, my mom left us. I was raised [...]


2021-01-15T11:48:43-06:00Dec 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

For as long as I can remember, this emptiness yanked on my heart like a leash on a dog. As a teenager, I started self-harming [...]