Opening Up About Self-Harm

2021-02-23T16:36:24-06:00Feb 23, 2021|Overcoming Hardships|

Self-Injury Awareness Day is March 1. To raise awareness on this topic, one of our counselors at Mercy Multiplied, Leslie Lamb, MS, NCC, LPC is [...]

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Finding Hope After Disappointment

2021-01-05T10:09:45-06:00Jan 5, 2021|Overcoming Hardships|

Have you ever gotten your hopes up, only to be disappointed? Finding hope after disappointment is difficult. Maybe you want to have hope but are afraid of getting hurt, or [...]

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Doing Hard Things

2022-10-03T13:21:56-05:00Oct 20, 2020|Overcoming Hardships|

Last year I had a conversation with the Lord that went like this: Jesus: “It’s now or never. You need to take care of yourself [...]

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How Counseling in College Changed My Life

2022-10-03T13:45:07-05:00Jul 14, 2020|Overcoming Hardships|

Counseling as college students College students are often hesitant to see a counselor or get help with their struggles. It may be due to the busy nature of student life, fear of judgment from peers, or [...]

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