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Makiah works on the marketing team here at Mercy Multiplied and is passionate about helping others know their identity in Christ. Her favorite things are music, boba tea, and good books.
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2021-01-15T11:37:29-06:00Dec 14, 2020|2020, Success Story|

Throughout my life, I was a competitive cheerleader, a softball player, and most recently, a lacrosse player. I spent the first two years of college [...]


2021-01-15T11:17:01-06:00Dec 14, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I was not raised in a Christian home. By age 6, my childhood best friend began sexually abusing me. This led to intimacy issues and [...]


2021-02-19T14:48:27-06:00Oct 19, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I was born to teenage parents who both came from broken, dysfunctional homes. By the age of six, I was sexually abused by a close [...]


2020-10-16T13:43:12-05:00Sep 22, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I was born into a very loving but broken family. My parents separated when I was about two years old. This caused a lot of [...]


2020-10-16T11:50:38-05:00Sep 22, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I never grew up knowing about God, but life as I knew it seemed to be pretty good. I don’t remember a lot of my [...]


2020-10-16T11:51:07-05:00Sep 8, 2020|2020, Success Story|

Before Mercy, I was completely out of control and hopeless. Growing up, I was raised in a home where my parents struggled with alcohol and [...]


2020-10-16T11:51:31-05:00Sep 8, 2020|2020, Success Story|

I was born into a great family who loves Jesus and taught us the importance of following Him. When I was two years old, my [...]


2020-09-22T13:49:14-05:00May 28, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Throughout my time at Mercy, God continued to show me time and time again that His love was far greater than any human love could ever be. I learned forgiveness is key to my freedom."

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2020-09-22T13:49:15-05:00May 24, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"I learned to trust in God’s protection, and He has become a safe place for me. Also, God healed my relationship with food and my body image."

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