2020-09-22T15:55:42-05:00Aug 31, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Jamalyn - 2015 Graduate I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as my Savior at 11 years old. [...]

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2020-09-22T15:56:09-05:00Aug 31, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Haleigh - 2015 Graduate I grew up in a loving but chaotic home. My parents divorced when I was really young. [...]

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2020-09-22T15:56:10-05:00Aug 31, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Christina - 2015 Graduate After becoming pregnant at 17, I had an abortion, which led to my 12-year battle with an [...]

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2020-09-22T15:56:11-05:00Aug 31, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Samantha - 2015 Graduate When I was in middle school, I was molested on a regular basis by a group of [...]

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2020-09-22T15:56:35-05:00Aug 30, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Cassandra - 2015 Graduate Shortly after I was born, my mom was diagnosed with Lupus. As much as my parents were [...]

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2020-09-22T16:04:14-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Kayla - 2014 Graduate Growing up, I went to a church that was very judgmental, which made me feel like I [...]

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2020-09-22T16:04:17-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Michal - 2014 Graduate I was born into a very loving and supportive Christian family. When I was 10 years old, [...]

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2020-09-22T16:04:43-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Caitlin - 2014 Graduate My parents did their best raising my siblings and me, but circumstances weren’t always ideal in my [...]

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2020-09-22T16:04:44-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Risa - 2014 Graduate I was the youngest of seven children. I had a fairly normal childhood until I turned 13 [...]

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2020-09-22T16:05:10-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Mollie - 2014 Graduate I grew up in a stable family. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a [...]

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2020-09-22T16:05:14-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Ashlee - 2014 Graduate My mom had me when she was young and married a man who abused me. She got [...]

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