2020-09-22T15:41:22-05:00Dec 19, 2016|2016, Success Story|

Anastasia - 2016 Graduate My parents, who were 16 years old when they had me, were never together as a couple. [...]

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2020-09-22T15:53:59-05:00Nov 4, 2016|2015, Success Story|

Alicia - 2015 Graduate I was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety, and operational defiant behavior in middle school. I tried to [...]

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2020-09-22T15:54:02-05:00Dec 22, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Susie - 2015 Graduate I spent the first six months of my life in an orphanage before I was adopted into [...]

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2020-09-22T15:54:33-05:00Dec 2, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Cassidy - 2015 Graduate Both my parents were drug addicts. They did not take care of me or love me the [...]

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2020-09-22T15:55:05-05:00Sep 13, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Rebekah - 2015 Graduate I grew up in a Christian home that had a lot of dysfunction. There were extreme highs [...]

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2020-09-22T15:55:05-05:00Sep 13, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Rachel- 2015 Graduate My life before being adopted was quite chaotic. At a young age I was trafficked and sold to [...]

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2020-09-22T15:55:40-05:00Aug 31, 2015|2015, Success Story|

Ivette - 2015 Graduate I was born in Lima, Peru. Before I was born, doctors told my mom that she needed [...]

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