2020-09-22T13:49:13-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"God continually spoke the name “worthy” over me during my season at Mercy. He dismantled shame’s loudest lie with just this one whispered word."

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2020-09-22T13:49:13-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"While being at Mercy, I have learned how to renew my mind with truth statements. I have learned how a woman of God is supposed to look."

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2020-09-22T13:49:14-05:00Jun 15, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"God spoke to me constantly that I have nothing to fear, but God Himself. Mercy helped me reach true restoration in my faith, uproot all the lies Satan tried to demolish me with, and taught me how to speak truth and life over myself."

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2020-09-22T15:00:24-05:00Jul 12, 2018|2018, Success Story|

"My plans are to tell people of every nation, color, shape and size what Jesus did for me. I plan on traveling and changing the world, and maybe write a book or two."

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2020-09-22T15:29:50-05:00Sep 1, 2017|2017, Success Story|

Sarah - 2017 Graduate I was born to a young, single mother. Since I never had a relationship with my biological [...]

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2020-09-22T15:29:50-05:00Aug 31, 2017|2017, Success Story|

Lauren - 2017 Graduate Before coming to Mercy Multiplied, I struggled with severe anxiety and depression. After my parents divorced, I [...]

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2020-09-22T15:41:21-05:00Dec 19, 2016|2016, Success Story|

"There aren't enough words to say how thankful I am to those that support Mercy. I have been given the chance to live!"

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2020-09-22T16:04:46-05:00Aug 30, 2014|2014, Success Story|

Amber - 2014 Graduate I grew up with little adult supervision in my home and often had to play the role [...]

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2020-09-23T11:42:20-05:00Oct 13, 2012|2012, Success Story|

Brittany - 2012 Graduate Before coming to Mercy, I lived in shame. The poor choices of my past haunted me, and [...]

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