Opening Your Eyes to Trafficking in the U. S. and What YOU Can Do To Help!


As Martin Luther King Jr. once said in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…every step toward the goal of justice requires the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” We all have something to contribute and offer – each day we can pray, learn something new, support an initiative, share and discuss this issue, volunteer our time with local organizations, and so much more. We can all do something to work toward ending slavery and take part in God’s work of redemption.

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Sex Trafficking – It Happened To Me


You might be surprised to know that I didn’t know that what happened to me as a child was considered sex trafficking until I was 18. As I grew older, I came to know what happened to me to be sexual abuse, but it wasn’t until I told my counselor all the details of those circumstances that she said to me, “Rachel, I think you’ve been sex trafficked.” I was quite angry with her because I did not want to believe what she was saying was true—I believed sex trafficking happened only in third world countries, not in the United States. Not in my state. Not in my hometown. Not to me.

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Amy My father began trafficking me when I was only 8 years old. My father would dress me up in outfits [...]




Ally Growing up in an average middle class family, no one ever suspected that I was being sex trafficked and sexually [...]