Avoiding Secrecy


We are enticed daily to keep our secrets safe by never telling anyone how we really feel: that we are hurting deep down inside, that someone did something bad to us, that if we tell, no one will love us.

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Jessica – 2010 Graduate


Jessica - 2010 Graduate I was sexually abused as a child and felt completely worthless. Secretly, I tried to cope with [...]

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Mercy for Self-Harm: Unconditional Hope


Mercy for Self-Harm: Unconditional Hope No matter how hopeless your situation seems, God offers an unconditional hope to everyone. In this encouraging podcast, Mercy Senior Counselor Stephanie Peveler continues our self-harm [...]

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Mercy for Self-Harm: Empowered by Choice


Mercy for Self-Harm: Empowered by Choice Self-harm can be rooted in deeply traumatic experiences. While those experiences can explain the root of this life-controlling issue, empowerment and freedom come [...]

Mercy for Self-Harm: Empowered by Choice2017-10-02T19:25:19-05:00