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I never grew up knowing about God, but life as I knew it seemed to be pretty good. I don’t remember a lot of my [...]


2020-09-22T13:49:12-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Growing up I experienced a lot of abuse and neglect at home, at church, and at school."

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2020-09-22T13:49:12-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Being at Mercy taught me that I could break every generational pattern and break free from oppression the enemy has put on me."

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2020-09-22T13:49:12-05:00Jul 5, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"At Mercy, I was able to see God in a whole new light and see Him as the loving Father He is. I was able to renew my mind and see myself in a new light."

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2020-09-22T13:49:13-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"God continually spoke the name “worthy” over me during my season at Mercy. He dismantled shame’s loudest lie with just this one whispered word."

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2020-09-22T13:49:13-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"God showed me just how much bondage I was in, and I started going through this journey, not for anyone else, but for myself. I decided I would put my whole heart into this program, and I was determined to graduate, no matter how hard it would be."

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2020-09-22T13:49:12-05:00Jun 23, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"I realized that my relationship with God is for freedom because He has set me free."

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2020-09-22T13:49:14-05:00Jun 22, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"I learned to turn my anger, disappointment, and depression over to God instead of trying to carry it all on my own. I learned God is the restorer of time, and He is in control, not me."

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2020-09-22T13:49:14-05:00May 28, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"Throughout my time at Mercy, God continued to show me time and time again that His love was far greater than any human love could ever be. I learned forgiveness is key to my freedom."

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2020-09-22T13:49:15-05:00May 19, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"When I walked through the doors of Mercy, I was greeted with so much love from the staff and residents. I knew this was where God wanted me."

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2020-09-22T13:49:15-05:00May 6, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"The chains of shame, guilt, and condemnation that had held me captive for years broke. Without the chains, I began to see myself as a daughter of God and grow in an intimate relationship with my heavenly Father."

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2020-09-22T13:49:16-05:00Apr 30, 2020|2020, Success Story|

"At Mercy, I learned about my authority in Christ and who I am as a child of God and that Satan did not have the power to oppress me with anything."

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