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I was adopted and when my parents took me in I was struggling to survive. When I was just a child I was sexually abused. [...]

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Faith, Friends, and Donald Miller

2019-07-18T10:27:05-05:00Dec 8, 2016|Inspiration from Scripture|

I’ve been through a lot of painful things: depression, suicidal thoughts, debilitating insecurity, abuse, rejection, heartbreak, and more grief than anyone my age should ever have to face. Most of my young life, I was rooted in false doctrine: I am inadequate, underserving, unseen, unloved, unworthy, and it will always be this way. Believe me, I know where you have been or may still be…I’ve been there too. I also know I would never have been healed without my faith in Jesus Christ, a little perspective shift from Donald Miller, and the unconditional love of a few good friends.

Rejection At Its Best

2019-07-18T10:27:07-05:00Nov 6, 2016|Overcoming Hardships|

Rejection, at its best, makes us question every part of ourselves. It challenges the way we present ourselves, the trueness that shines, and the false self we project out of fear and angst. Rejection, however, is inevitable. So, I dare say I want to make it a propellant into something positive, something empowering. I want to own rejection, instead of letting it own me as it typically has done. I want rejection to awake and shake me, but in the least harmful way possible.