Total Eclipse of Perspective?


Often in our lives we allow similar perspective to rule and consume us, thinking our struggles are bigger than they are. We allow tough seasons, stressful days, or tedious tasks to fully block our light.

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Replace Fear with Trust


Yes, we will experience trials. There will always be something, but if we strive to plant ourselves by the living water, during the trails we will remain steadfast in His supernatural strength and will be able to conquer anything that comes our way.

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Seven Scriptures To Combat Fear


I love that God understood that we would struggle with fear and anxiety long before we were even born. He knew that as a people, we would be tempted to be overcome with worry in the midst of uncertainty. In preparation, all throughout The Word, not only did God command us not to fear, but He continued to remind us of His character. He consistently reminds us to respond to our fear with prayer and praise, for He is faithful.

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Faith, Friends, and Donald Miller


I’ve been through a lot of painful things: depression, suicidal thoughts, debilitating insecurity, abuse, rejection, heartbreak, and more grief than anyone my age should ever have to face. Most of my young life, I was rooted in false doctrine: I am inadequate, underserving, unseen, unloved, unworthy, and it will always be this way. Believe me, I know where you have been or may still be…I’ve been there too. I also know I would never have been healed without my faith in Jesus Christ, a little perspective shift from Donald Miller, and the unconditional love of a few good friends.

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Avoiding Secrecy


We are enticed daily to keep our secrets safe by never telling anyone how we really feel: that we are hurting deep down inside, that someone did something bad to us, that if we tell, no one will love us.

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I Ate the Mystery


Joy is more than a fleeting emotion. It is something rooted in God’s character and view of us. Only by seeking His face in times of struggle are we able to walk in joy, rather than our emotions. We are excited to have this vulnerable and transparent encouragement from one of our California home staff members.

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