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Prospective Adoptive Family

If you would like to learn more about our adoption process, we encourage you to explore the following steps listed below for a prospective adoptive family.

  • Married for at least 1 year
  • Involved in a church and able to provide a pastoral reference
  • Have no medical or psychological diagnosis, unless closely monitored by a physician and will not affect ability to parent
  • Have the financial means to support an additional person in your family
  • No age limit
  • Accepts families without fertility issues
  • If you have further questions about our qualifications as an adoptive family, please contact our office (615) 831-6987 to speak with Adoption Staff.
  • Facts About Mercy’s Adoption Department
    • Over the past 30 years, Mercy has participated in more than 150 adoptions
    • An approved Tennessee Licensed Child-Placing Agency
    • Provides adoption services to birth mothers who are current residents in Mercy’s voluntary, residential program
    • Only conducts Domestic Infant Placements
    • An active member of the Middle Tennessee Inter-Agency Adoption Coalition (IAC)
    • Continually accepting applications from prospective adoptive families
  • Services Provided to an Adoptive Family 
    • Provide support to a prospective adoptive family throughout the application process
    • Offer professional assistance in facilitating relationship building between a birth parent(s) and prospective adoptive family
    • Provide hospital support to the birth parent(s) and prospective adoptive family
    • Facilitate the placement of an infant into their forever home and provide ongoing support through finalization
    • Partner with the prospective adoptive family’s home study worker and adoption attorney pre- and post- placement
    • Assist the birth parent(s) and prospective adoptive family in creating an openness agreement
    • Provide community and national resources post-placement, as needed
  • Download and review the Adoption Process Document for additional information
  • Our Adoption staff are experienced and knowledgeable in domestic
    infant placements, providing services that are specific to each individual prospective family’s circumstances. Staff are committed to providing continual support to a prospective adoptive family throughout the entire adoption process.
  • Meet our Adoption staff:
    • Chelsea Rahbar, LMSW, Director of Adoptions
      • Chelsea Rahbar, LMSW, Director of AdoptionsChelsea Rahbar, LCSW, is Mercy’s Director of Adoptions. Chelsea joined the Mercy team in 2012. She received her MSSW from the University Of Tennessee College Of Social Work and has since obtained her LCSW. Chelsea has worked in many different capacities at Mercy and demonstrates her knowledge of the organization in her work and communication with clients. She has a passion for serving Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families.
      • You can contact Chelsea by emailing crahbar@mercymultiplied.com or calling (615) 831-6987.

Prior to downloading the $25 non-refundable Adoption Application, please review our Fee Agreement.

** New York families please contact Mercy Multiplied directly **

Adoptions Contact Information:
Phone – (615) 831-6987
Email – info@mercymultiplied.com
Fax – (615) 760-1117