Mercy Multiplied provides the following services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Decision Counseling
  • Explore realities of parenting and adoption
Counseling Services
  • Receive individual and group counseling
  • Experience 24-hour support in a beautiful home environment
Health & Wellness
  • Experience balanced nutrition and fitness
  • Access free Prenatal Care
  • Prepare for Labor & Delivery
Parenting Classes
  • Discuss family dynamics and co-parenting
  • Establish boundaries and self-care
Adoption Services
  • Receive adoption counseling and legal services
  • Choose and meet an adoptive family

This is not the end! Your life is not ruined because of your unplanned pregnancy! There is so much hope and your future will be beyond anything you could imagine when you let God take His time to work in you.
Pregnant Resident

What is Basic Decision Making?

An amazing component of Mercy Multiplied’s program is our Basic Decision Making Classes. These classes are designed to assist you in making a well-informed decision regarding whether you will parent or place your child for adoption.

It is the vision of Mercy to provide the most supportive environment for each expectant mother to make her own decision about what is best for her and her child.

Making a Decision


If you choose to parent your child, Mercy Multiplied will provide you with Parenting Classes to continue supporting and preparing you for your journey to motherhood!


If you choose to place your child for adoption, you will begin working with Mercy Multiplied’s in-house licensed adoption agency in creating an adoption plan.

Learn more about adoption services at Mercy Multiplied.

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