On today’s episode of MercyTalk, we are thrilled to have a conversation with nationally
renowned psychiatrist, speaker, and author, Dr. Curt Thompson, about some of the amazing content
in his upcoming book, The Soul of Desire: Discovering the Neuroscience of Longing, Beauty and
Community (releasing in Fall of 2021). Dr. Thompson shares about what it means that we are people of
desire and the relationship between longing and beauty. Also, in this episode, Dr. Thompson shares

  • The problem with approaching our lives as problems to be solved instead of artifacts of
    beauty to create
  • What it means for us to be people of grief
  • How beauty, art, nature, etc change how we approach our lives
  • The importance of community and what it looks like for us to “practice for heaven”

Join us for this powerful conversation as we learn from Dr. Thompson about what it means to be
human, to fulfill our intrinsic desire to feel known, valued, and connected, and to live into the
meaningful reality we desire to create.

For more from Dr. Thompson, check out his “Being Known” podcast and his books, The Anatomy of the
Soul and Soul of Shame. You can find those resources and more on his website at