Fundraising Options for Churches2017-05-22T18:45:12-05:00

Fundraising for Churches

  • Missions Budget: Approach your church about making Mercy a part of your church’s mission budget, and commit to making a monthly or yearly donation.
  • One Dollar for Life: Approach your church about participating in our One Dollar for Life campaign, and ask every member of your congregation to donate one dollar to Mercy. To receive more information about One Dollar for Life, please contact Janet Master at jmaster@mercyministries.com or (615) 831-6987.
  • Life Groups/Sunday School Classes:
    • Sponsor a girl in our program at $200/month. Sign up here.
    • Sponsor a baby shower: Sponsor a baby shower for one of our pregnant residents and/or collect items and monetary donations to give to her. Contact Janet Master at jmaster@mercyministries.com or (615) 831-6987 about our current needs for pregnant residents.
    • Collect Christmas donations: Donate gift cards or make a donation to our Christmas fund to help us make this Christmas special for all of our residents. Contact Janet Master at (615) 831-6987 about making donations to our Christmas fund.