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One Dollar for Life

The One Dollar for Life Campaign (“ODFL”) is a great opportunity for leaders in schools, churches, and workplaces to partner financially with Mercy Multiplied. Church and community leaders are encouraged to take one Sunday (or day) out of the year to present the message of Mercy to their congregations and communities, encouraging each member to donate one dollar that goes directly toward making a difference in the lives of young hurting women. If you would like to participate in this life-saving campaign, please download all of the resources below or contact Lauren Hobar at or (615) 831-6987 ext. 1125.

Click here to download the ODFL How To Participate PDF

Click here to download the ODFL Talking Points

Click here to download ODFL Program/Bulletin Insert

Click here to download a letter from Nancy Alcorn

Click here to download the ODFL Church Slide

Click here to download the ODFL video