What is Freedom?

2022-09-29T14:51:39-05:00Feb 1, 2022|Miscellanous|

If you want to talk about a word that has as many different connotations and definitions as there are people in the world, let’s just [...]

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When You’re Having Doubts

2022-01-26T19:12:30-06:00Jan 25, 2022|Miscellanous|

Sometimes, doubt and faith find themselves hand in hand.   I’ve been thinking a lot about how God understands our doubts. This passage in Mark 9, [...]

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Waiting on The Lord

2022-09-29T14:54:39-05:00Jan 25, 2022|Miscellanous|

There’s no getting around the fact that for many of us, being patient is hard. Things like waiting for the light to turn green or [...]

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Choosing to Forgive

2022-09-29T14:56:34-05:00Jan 11, 2022|Miscellanous|

Choosing to forgive is a phrase that can bring up a lot of negative emotions: fear, anger, sadness, disgust, or just plain numbness. When I [...]

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Freedom in the New Year

2022-09-29T14:58:02-05:00Jan 4, 2022|Miscellanous|

As a new year begins, another opportunity arises to start fresh. We as a society have decided that the start of a new year gives [...]

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Boundaries During the Holidays

2022-09-29T14:59:07-05:00Dec 21, 2021|Miscellanous|

After ten years, I am finally no longer the lone in-law in my wife’s family. Ten years of navigating boundaries around the holidays as the sole outlier has taught [...]

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5 Scriptures for Hope During the Holidays

2022-09-29T15:00:07-05:00Dec 14, 2021|Miscellanous|

The holiday season is usually a time associated with lots of joy! Loved ones come together, traditions are shared, and times of fellowship are just a few of the things that people look [...]

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“Me Time” Redefined 

2022-09-29T15:02:08-05:00Dec 7, 2021|Miscellanous|

Home is my comfort zone. I find solace there. It's where I am not subject to the needs or demands of anyone else and can [...]

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Thankful for the Little Things

2022-09-29T15:04:07-05:00Nov 23, 2021|Miscellanous|

With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it’s only natural to begin thinking about some of the things I am thankful for.   So, I asked myself, what are the [...]

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The Truth

2022-09-29T15:05:54-05:00Nov 16, 2021|Miscellanous|

Being ourselves seems so simple, but it’s pretty hard when we do not know what makes us….us. In the past, it was hard for me to be [...]

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Firmly Rooted

2022-09-29T15:09:42-05:00Nov 9, 2021|Miscellanous|

Now that fall is upon us, I decided to decorate my front porch with Autumn/Fall décor’. I scurried off to my local nursery to see [...]

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When We Just Don’t Want to Feel the Pain

2022-09-29T15:13:58-05:00Nov 2, 2021|Miscellanous|

In 2006, a movie was released called The Pursuit of Happyness. The title alone connected with people because whether or not we are consciously aware of it, many of us are on that very pursuit every single [...]

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