Making Space for Rest

2023-08-29T09:39:45-05:00Aug 29, 2023|Miscellanous|

Have you ever been in such a busy season that it’s hard to even enjoy what you’re a part of? Even the most life-giving activities [...]

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Grace for Those Who Are Struggling

2022-11-08T14:12:01-06:00Nov 8, 2022|Miscellanous|

Some people are hurting because bad things have happened to them. Some people are hurting because they have made bad choices. The problem is that [...]

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Is God Supposed to be Enough?

2022-10-04T15:32:46-05:00Sep 13, 2022|Miscellanous|

“God is enough for you.”  “All of your needs should be met by God. You shouldn’t need other people.”  “If you need others, then you [...]

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Choices that Changed Generations

2022-09-23T08:53:17-05:00Aug 2, 2022|Miscellanous|

One of our most foundational scriptures at Mercy Multiplied is from Deuteronomy 30:19 that says for us to “Choose life!” The young women who come [...]

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Believing the Truth (2008 Graduate)

2022-09-23T08:55:41-05:00Jul 19, 2022|Miscellanous|

People ask me all the time, “How did you overcome your addictive and destructive past?” The answer is simple… maybe too simple for most.  The [...]

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Counselor’s Corner

2022-09-23T09:03:19-05:00May 31, 2022|Miscellanous|

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to share this year’s Counselor’s Corner article from our Multiply! Magazine.   In this special article, we [...]

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