Open-Handed Faith

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God can do so much more with the little in your open hands than He can do with a resistant heart.

Have you ever tried to hold sand in your hands? The thing about sand is, the tighter you hold it, the more slips through your fingers. Only when you choose to open your hands, can you hold the sand. So often, though, we try to hold the blessings of God just like sand—in our closed fists.

The thing about holding items with an open hand is, they can be easily taken away. So we try to take control—afraid that if we don’t hold on tight we will be left with nothing. But control is the opposite of faith.

When we choose to open our hands, we are saying, “God, I know you can take and you can give, but I trust you know best.”

I find myself doing this oh so often. I’m afraid to trust God with what I have. When I don’t trust God, I often find my mistrust stems from placing human limitations on a holy God. Before I can trust God to bring good things into my life, I have to first have faith that He is good. If I don’t trust God with my finances, I must remind myself that He is the provider. When I struggle to entrust my dreams to God, I must remember that He is the dream giver.

When we choose to open our hands in faith, we declare that—before we see the healing happen, or dreams are achieved, or the money comes in the bank—we believe God to be who He says He is. This stance of childlike faith is where God loves to meet us.

So, in what areas of your life do you need to open your hands in faith and trust God? Pray this week for God to show you where you need to believe He is who He says He is and find ways to surrender control and practice faith.

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