Expecting the Amazing Things God Will Do

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  • Expecting the Amazing Things God Will Do

I couldn’t help it, really. Once I saw the changes on their faces, I was hooked. As a volunteer worship leader, I could not wait until my next time to worship with the Mercy girls because I couldn’t wait to see which face would begin to lift next. Week by week, I watched faces change gradually from being downcast into something lighter and fresher. For over two years, it kept me fascinated and excited so see the new things God was doing in their lives week by week. It has now been ten years since I was hired as the nurse in the St. Louis home. It still never gets old seeing the miraculous hand of God melting away the old stuff and breathing new hope into their hearts. Each day when I arrive, I sometimes feel like a little kid wondering what amazing things God will do in one of the girls that day. Seeing Him work time after time—especially for the girls who thought they were the only one God would not be able to help—has been a treasure I will keep in my heart always. It is such an adventure and delight to see what surprising breakthroughs God brings each day. The sense of God’s acceptance and love in the home brings such peace.

This ministry grabbed my heart all those years ago, and I still cannot imagine being anywhere else. I am very excited and watching for the fresh and amazing things God will do in this brand new year for all the girls who have yet to walk through the doors. If I could talk to them face-to-face, I would tell them all that what God does is really real, that He still works miracles every day, and that they never have to be alone. I would tell them to give the program a chance, to allow God a chance to blow their mind! I would invite them to begin the journey that will change them forever and allow God to help them rediscover who they really are. Whoever you are out there, thinking of applying, I will be here waiting for you, and together, we will see what amazing things God will do through you at Mercy.

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