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We love seeing our graduates grab ahold of the tools they learn at Mercy and apply them to their daily life as they walk out the process of freedom. The below truths are applicable today to all of us on a spiritual journey! Take some time to return to childlike faith and explore the ABCs! A special thanks to 2015 Graduate, Joanna!

One of the themes God has spoken into me during the year since I graduated from Mercy has been Walking by Faith. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked God question after question only to hear His gentle response, “Trust Me.”

Even though, I confess, I’ve been frustrated by the repetitiveness of this lesson, I’m learning it’s a wonderful thing to run to His arms, crawl up into His lap, and be His little one instead of trying to run my own little world.

If we’re being real, my tendency is to over­analyze, over­evaluate, and over­control my life. So, as a reminder to myself, I’ve written the “ABC’s of My Freedom Journey” in my best childlike manner!

I began to learn these truths during my time in the Mercy program, and they have continued to become real to me as I walk out my freedom.


Acknowledge that you are not God, and then be still to acknowledge who He is. Do this every single day.

Be gentle with yourself. When you fall down, do yourself a favor and encourage yourself to get back up.

Confess your weaknesses, your mistakes, and your intentional rebellion. Confess it to yourself, confess it to God, and confess it to those who love you. Normalize confession and kick secrets out the door.

Depend on God for every victory no matter how strong you feel in the moment. The instant you start relying solely on yourself to overcome obstacles is the instant you volunteer to fall on your face.

Extend open hands to the Lord. He will fill them. The moment you start clinging to the things in your hands, they are no longer gifts and have become idols.

Forgive freely, but do not refuse to feel the pain deeply. The foot of the cross is a beautiful place to weep.

Gather new freedom tools, and don’t be afraid to let go of the ones that don’t work for you. There is always, always, always a way of escape when you are struggling. Find it. You’re worth whatever it takes.

Humility. Humility. Humility. Humility. Humility because you are human and humility because you need help. Don’t have it? Refer to letters “C” and “D.”

Impact and influence are not yours to earn or pursue. Keep your focus on your relationship with Jesus, and He will open up opportunities to use your story.

Joy is impossible to maintain if you are looking at your circumstances. Lift your eyes to the Source of joy, Jesus.

Knowing better and doing the right thing can be worlds apart. Be on the lookout for how to put your “know how” into action.

Laughter is healing. Take every opportunity to have a good belly laugh, ­ you need it! And, if you can pair your laughter with your learning, it’s like triple antibiotic ointment!

Make the Bible your “go to” when you get stuck. Especially if you think it won’t help a thing.

Never give up…Did you already give up? No worries, you can choose right now to get back in the game. His mercies are new every morning, and it’s always morning somewhere!

Open your heart up to love and to be loved by other people. DON’T ISOLATE. When you want to hide, that’s the time you need to be found.

Peace is the tone that God uses to guide you. As you look at the options, don’t base your decisions off of confusion and fear, seek out His peace.

Quit looking back. It doesn’t matter if yesterday was better or worse, God wants to interact with you today.

Resting – mentally, emotionally and physically – is a productive and necessary part of your life. Don’t let this one be the first to go.

Speak up and use your voice! When the battle rages in your mind, open up your mouth! Use it to preach God’s Word to yourself, and use it to tell the enemy to go back where he belongs.

Teach someone. Pass on the truth that has liberated you. Somebody out there needs it desperately, and you need the reminder.

Unconditional love will catch you every. single. time. When you are unsure of anything else, grab ahold of this truth and whatever you do, don’t let go.

Victory doesn’t equal perfection. Don’t get that mixed up, or you will feel very discouraged. Wonderful Counselor is the name of your God, and you always have access to a session with Him. Pour your heart out freely and with confidence.

eXamine yourself frequently, but let God have the final say. If He wants to convict you about something, He will. As you seek Him, trust Him, and walk free of condemnation.

You are an incredible masterpiece. When you start to feel insecure, go ask the One who designed you to remind you who you are, and Who you belong to.

Zion is a real place with a real King. Set your sights on it when this world hurts. Someday, whatever is difficult right now will be lost in the light of His glory, and it will be absolutely, totally, 100% worth it.

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