MPower Workshop Impacts California


MPower Workshop Impacts California

“I loved every part of the MPower Workshop! It was refreshing to see such practical steps to working through pain combined with truth from God’s Word. This was so needed.”
– MPower Attendee

Are you a concerned family member, caring friend, educator, church leader, professional, or someone who is involved in pastoral care? MPower Workshops can help you understand how to help and support others in your life. These workshops are designed to equip and educate you. The MPower Workshops are led by a team of trusted Mercy Multiplied staff who have experience and skillsets in counseling and ministering to others.

Recently, our residential home in Sacramento, CA hosted an MPower Workshop where people from many different backgrounds attended. Attendees were asked to participate in a survey at the end of their MPower Workshop experience. We received some powerful responses to the question, “What were some of the challenges or frustrations that you were facing when you came into the MPower Workshop?” We hope that by reading their responses, you will see how you too can benefit from attending one of our workshops.

“I didn’t think I had any challenges when I showed up to the MPower Workshop, but I now realize I have become completely fatigued, bitter, and unwilling to be a helper despite a call from the Lord and deep passion from years past. Because of this challenge, I felt uncomfortable and I experienced a little anxiety as I thought about opening myself up to be a helper to others again. The Mpower Workshop was so personal and relational. I feel so understood and justified (by biblical truths) to know that my feelings and fears are valid, and God will guide me in helping others – It’s not my doing, but His. I’m now aware of the bitterness and fear I’ve been having about helping others. I see that it’s the call God has on my life and I do not want to and will not sit on the sidelines anymore. I want in coach! Put me in!”

“When I came to the MPower Workshop, I was facing challenges with my daughter as well as other family members. I did not know what to do or how to handle the situations. These challenges made me feel hopeless. At the MPower Workshop, I felt like the leaders were speaking to us, not at us. They were very real and authentic. I learned that I need to ‘quit pulling people up the hill!’ When I return home, I hope to set boundaries as I let my friends and family walk with me if they want and let others be, pray from a distance, and wait on the Lord.”

“When I came to the MPower Workshop, I was transitioning out of a hurtful church ministry position as my husband and I seek what is next. Because of this, I felt lonely, but also hopeful. I loved every part of the MPower Workshop! It was refreshing to see such practical steps to working through pain combined with truth from God’s Word. This was so needed. After the truths and resources, I have learned from this workshop I feel ready to enter into the journey God wants to take me on of restoration, healing, and freedom. What an absolute gift! I think I will be able to lead from a place of healing and strength that is God who brings true and lasting life change. I am His vessel.”

We hope you will plan on attending the next MPower Workshop near you. MPower Workshop is for anyone who is searching for freedom, wisdom, and practical tools to apply to each unique facet of life. If you have a heart for helping hurting and struggling people, but you’re not sure where to start, this is for you. Plus, after the workshops, we provide resources and materials to take back with you to your church, school, home, or community. The purpose of the MPower Workshop is to share some of our expertise from 35 years as a ministry in order to equip and empower others to be the local answer to people from all backgrounds. Mercy specifically helps young women, but the MPower Workshop is created to help anyone.

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For more information on MPower Workshops, please contact the Outreach Team at outreach@mercymultiplied.com or (615) 831-6987. Mercy Multiplied offers limited, partial scholarships to those who might not otherwise be able to attend the Guidelines and/or MPower Workshops. For more information, please email our Outreach Team at outreach@mercymultiplied.com.