Friends of Mercy Luncheons Highlight Miraculous Life Transformations


Friends of Mercy Luncheons Highlight Miraculous Life Transformations

Friends of Mercy Luncheons (FOMLs) are Mercy Multiplied’s coordinated events which are hosted within each of our homes. This event gives an opportunity for us to highlight the miraculous life transformations that we see happening all over the country. It is a chance for you to learn more about our vision and mission and how you can get involved with Mercy to make a difference in the lives of hurting young women.

During this event, attendees receive a complimentary meal while listening to Mercy residents and graduates share their stories of hope and freedom. Guests are given the opportunity to tour the home, while also learning about the resources and outreach programs Mercy has to offer. Our most recent luncheons were held at our Monroe and St. Louis locations. We hope the stories from these events will encourage you to take the next step and claim a seat at one of our future FOML gatherings!

At the Monroe home, an upcoming graduate, Cortney, shared her testimony and talked about how being involved in abusive relationships, battling a drug addiction, and going through an abortion led her down a road of pain, causing her to lose her identity. “At Mercy I have learned that my true identity is in the Lord and what He says about me is true,” said Cortney. She has forgiven herself for the abortion and no longer carries guilt from that time in her life. For the first time, she is excited about her future.

At the St. Louis home, Alexis, a Mercy graduate, shared her story of transformation. She courageously spoke about her past sexual abuse, pornography exposure, and unhealthy relationships throughout college. Alexis came to Mercy not expecting much to change, but while she was in the home, her relationship with God grew. “My relationship with God is real and deep. I’ve learned that I am not alone and that I have a voice,” said Alexis. She aspires to go back to college to become a police officer, with the goal of becoming a detective.

The next FOML is in Nashville on August 22, with additional dates at our other homes in October. To find out more information or to save your seat, click here. We hope to see you there!