Nashville Mercy Residents Spend an Evening with Sadie Robertson


Nashville Mercy Residents Spend an Evening with Sadie Robertson

October 18, 2016

Sadie Robertson sharing her journey from fear to freedom

Sadie Robertson sharing her journey from fear to freedom

After touring fifteen cities, Sadie Robertson ended her Live Original Tour in Nashville last Sunday night. The Dancing with the Stars and Duck Dynasty celebrity gifted our Nashville residents with VIP seating to attend the impactful evening. Throughout the interactive night, Sadie and her Squad, touched on real-life issues facing teens and young adults today. Several members of the Squad shared personal testimonies of overcoming and finding their faith amidst depression, anxiety, comparison and pain. One of the most moving portions of the night was a spoken word by Max and Bonnie Kate Zoghbi surrounding Bonnie Kate’s experience as a victim in the 2012 Aurora, CO, theatre shooting. Sadie herself shared how the pressures of being in the spotlight for much of her life affected her and her journey to overcome anxiety in order to “live original.”

In addition to dynamic speaking, the night included several musical performances and moments of worship. Reno kicked off the night with a few songs before Sadie welcomed guests and the official programming commenced. After Reed Robertson, accompanied by his fiancé Brighton, shared his personal battle with depression and suicidal ideations, he led a worship song alongside Love & The Outcome. The remainder of the Love & The Outcome set included a few of the Mercy residents’ favorite songs, including “Good Father.” The Mercy residents were especially excited to take part in the dance party led by Family Force Five following the event intermission.

img_1586Sponsored by Help One Now, the Live Original Tour also presented an opportunity for attendees to make a global impact through Sadie’s One Squad giving program. Through monthly giving, attendees could support the impoverished in five different countries.

With a format unlike any other event, each portion of Live Original sought to challenge attendees to live out the person God created them to be. It addressed hard-hitting topics affecting teens and young adults, while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of the residents were impacted by the way Sadie Robertson is using her platform to encourage young people. Several residents shared what the experience meant to them:

“Tonight was really fun. Seeing Sadie again was awesome. I really enjoyed when she talked about anxiety because I really struggle with that. I don’t have to be fearful or worried because God is with me. – Emily

“I img_0053really loved seeing all the hard work that the One Squad is doing. I loved seeing Sadie being very famous but also walking with Jesus. I love the impact she is making in the world.” – Shelby

“This was really cool. I loved Family Force 5. I also loved Sadie’s message about going from fearful to freedom.” – Ashleigh

“I liked hearing their stories and how they have dealt with similar things. Also, I really liked the worship.” – Kailey

“This concert was fun. I loved that I got to see Sadie Robertson. She is so upbeat and spiritual; it encourages me to be upbeat. Learning different stories about the family really shows me they’re real people and have a normal life, like I do.” – Jenna

 Encouraging and inspirational events such as this are great additions to a resident’s stay at Mercy. We are grateful to Sadie and the Robertson family for their support of our Mercy residents!

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