15 Ministries, 11 States Represented at MPower/Guidelines Workshops


15 Ministries, 11 States Represented at  MPower/Guidelines Workshops

March 10, 2016


MPower and Guidelines Workshop participants with Mercy facilitators Melanie Wise and Jen Otero

Thirty men and women, representing 15 different churches and ministries and 11 different states, traveled to Nashville last week to participate in Mercy Multiplied’s MPower and Guidelines Workshops. The one- and two-day workshops are a part of Mercy’s outreach programming and provide training for people who work with individuals struggling with life-controlling issues.

Both workshops are designed to equip and empower participants with the expertise Mercy has gained from over 30 years of ministry. Over the course of three days, key Mercy staff teach how to effectively apply the biblically based principles used in Mercy’s residential homes.

“It’s always so awesome to see what happens when like-hearted and like-spirited people come together to discuss how to more effectively reach the hurting and the broken,” said Melanie Wise, Mercy Director of Outreach and workshop facilitator. “I never cease to be amazed at what God does in our time together at these workshops. There are few things I love more than watching the ‘light bulbs’ go off in people’s heads and hearts as they receive these teachings and principles for helping others.”


Melanie Wise, Mercy Director of Outreach, teaching at MPower Workshop

In last week’s MPower Workshop, participants learned about life-controlling issues, steps to helping and supporting others, as well as how to stay healthy and whole in the process. Session topics included: Helping Hurting People, Abuse and Addictions, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, Keys to Freedom, and Safeguarding Yourself.

In the Guidelines Workshop, participants wanting to start a residential program like Mercy Multiplied got an in-depth look at the process for setting up a residential care facility. Sessions topics included: Solidifying Vision and Mission, Fundraising Keys, Board and Governance, Human Resources, Program Intake, Program Structure and Basics, and Transitional Care.

One participant said, “The most helpful thing about the MPower Workshop was the practical application of the information and real-life examples. Also just seeing how it truly all rests and centers around what only the LORD can do.”

Another participant said, “This was excellent training for lay counselors/helpers! I will use this to expand this type of deeper ministry in our church.”

Registrations are now open for upcoming MPower and Guidelines Workshops to be held in May, July and October. For more information, contact Melanie Wise at mwise@mercymultiplied.com or (615) 831-6987.