It is because of our generous supporters that Mercy can offer its programs free-of-charge. Over the years, this ministry has grown from a Residential Program to an Outpatient Program and Outreach Services. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our supporters and for bringing Mercy more and more partners over the years to finance the expansion God continues to do. Many people have been giving to Mercy for decades and we wanted to share why some of these generous people choose to support Mercy Multiplied financially. 

Victor and Lynn Berg

Tell us a little bit about your family and yourself. 

“I accepted Christ when I was 10 years old, I am now 66. I met my wife in high school in 1972 and we got married in 1976. We were both followers of Christ. Making it a priority to consistently be in church, we have had the privilege of being elders, deacons, and Sunday school teachers. We were blessed with a daughter, she is now 40 years old, and we have gained a new grandson that brings incredible joy to our family. We have seen through the decades the faithfulness of God.

Now, in my mid-60s and having walked with Christ for 56 years, I can fully proclaim Jesus is faithful. The bottom line is this, Jesus is the only one who has the keys to life.”

When did you first hear about Mercy Multiplied?

“We used to go to a lot of Christian music concerts back in the day, and we particularly loved Michael English. Back in the summer of ’92 or ’91, we decided to drive up to a town in West Virginia where a concert was being held. We were not aware that it was a support event for Mercy Multiplied, an organization at that time we had never heard of before. Michael performs and Nancy comes out and starts talking about Mercy and their impact. From that night on we started to invest in the ministry. We prayed and asked the Lord for direction and continued to support the work of Mercy.

In the late 90s, I was able to help facilitate one of my friend’s daughters in applying to Mercy’s Residential Program. We witnessed various ways that God was allowing us to not only participate financially but also have a contribution into somebody’s life that we were close to.”

Your first donation to Mercy was in 1992. Why is supporting Mercy important to you?

“We wanted to support a reliable and trustworthy organization, and in the 90’s we witnessed a lot of ministry failures. Leaning on God, we felt like the Lord was directing us towards Mercy. A huge reason why we wanted to support Mercy was because we have a daughter. Monthly giving was an effective way for us to be consistent, and we know that nonprofits depend on a reliable stream of income to run and grow as a ministry.

We are so thankful that after all these years, all these decades, Mercy Multiplied has not disappointed us in any way and I’m thankful for that.”

What would you say to others who might be considering supporting Mercy? 

“We have not only participated in the mission of Mercy but have watched what Mercy has accomplished through the expansion of their new facilities. Over a period of three decades, we have not seen any type of mismanagement or change in core beliefs continuing to remain consistent. It is inspiring to see the way Nancy has followed the Lord’s direction and it is evident God put this in her. I would just emphasize that Mercy has been consistently following the Lord, consistently developing new resources as God leads and provides, and properly stewarding spiritual growth in all their programs.”