It is because of our generous supporters that Mercy can offer its programs free-of-charge. Over the years, this ministry has grown from a Residential Program to an Outpatient Program and Outreach Services. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our supporters and for bringing Mercy more and more partners over the years to finance the expansion God continues to do. Many people have been giving to Mercy for decades and we wanted to share why some of these generous people choose to support Mercy Multiplied financially. 

Tommy and Rebecca Scott

Tell us a little bit about your family and yourself. 

“Tommy and I attended Christ Church in Nashville as children growing up in the atmosphere of Christian homes.  We are still attending and have seen numerous changes and have weathered storms and have found the Lord to be more than faithful; HE is LIFE!”

When did you first hear about Mercy Multiplied?   

“Tommy and I were in the first presentation at Christ Church when Nancy Alcorn told her story of Mercy Multiplied in Louisiana.  We, as a congregation, were so excited to be a part of what the Lord was doing to bring glory to His Name here!”

Your first donation to Mercy was in 1992. Why is supporting Mercy important to you?

“We saw the changes in these young women and heard the good news of what they were being taught. It was in alignment with the word of God, so we wanted to be a part of it on the ground floor. We cannot imagine all the hurts and fear these young women in Mercy’s Residential Program carry.”

What would you say to others who might be considering supporting Mercy? 

“To look at the website and hear the testimonies of the young women. It is a life changing experience for the young women and those who watch their testimonies. We have been privileged to watch the ministry multiply over and over again. It’s exciting to see lives changed that will affect generations to come!”