It is because of our generous supporters that Mercy can offer its programs free-of-charge. Over the years, this ministry has grown from a Residential Program to an Outpatient Program and Outreach Services. We are so grateful to God for moving on the hearts of our supporters and for bringing Mercy more and more partners over the years to finance the expansion God continues to do. Many people have been giving to Mercy for decades and we wanted to share why some of these generous people choose to support Mercy Multiplied financially. 

Brett and Norma Pullen

“We are both originally from New Jersey. We attended a church called Fountain of Life in Burlington, NJ. Having attended a Point of Grace concert at that church, we first heard about Mercy Multiplied, Nancy’s mission, and how it began. We felt it was fertile soil that we could sow into and so we did. At the time, we didn’t necessarily have any personal connection to anyone who had benefited, we just believed in the work. Then, in 1994 we moved to Florida.

Somewhere around 2010 – 2015, our Pastor shared a testimony about his daughter who had gone to Mercy and the transformation that took place in her life. A second young woman that we knew also came to Mercy. We now have that feeling of personal connection and continue to sow into the mission, thankful for the life-saving transformations that take place ALL for the glory of God. Thank you for what you do. We are honored to play a small part.”