Christian music recording artist, songwriter, and author Tasha Layton, who was recognized as one of Billboard’s Top 5 female Christian artists, took time out of her busy schedule to share her incredible testimony and musical talent in Mercy’s Nashville home. Mercy residents and staff were so honored to have Tasha and her husband, Keith, join them for a time of encouragement and worship.


Mercy Founder and President, Nancy Alcorn, along with members of Mercy’s leadership team, met Tasha for the first time earlier this year and felt an instant connection with her. However, Mercy staff members have been approached multiple times over the past year by people asking if Tasha wrote her song, “Look What You’ve Done” about Mercy’s Keys to Freedom discipleship study. In the song, Tasha sings about God digging up the roots and healing past wounds, which is also a theme in Mercy’s Keys to Freedom


It was a very special and intimate morning. Everyone in the room was inspired as Tasha poured out her heart and praised God for all He has brought her through. “When you are walking through tough times, know that God is still with you, and He is still good,” she shared. “He still wants to fulfill the things in your heart.”


She spoke about pivotal moments in her life that led her to where she is today and how God had to transform her desires and character before she could walk into the full calling He had prepared for her. 


Young women in Mercy’s residential homes face a variety of life-controlling issues, and Tasha took time to speak directly to them because, at one time in her life, she struggled with some of the same issues. She shared how she had been in situations where she no longer wanted to live or couldn’t understand how a particular situation would ever get better. She spoke about dark moments in her life and the importance of reaching out for help and seeking God. Tasha explained how her life was transformed and redirected when she took the time to depend on and trust in God entirely, encouraging residents to lean on God during their healing journey. 


“When you know just how much God loves you, you start treating yourself, and others differently.”


In addition to sharing her incredible testimony, she also performed her singles “Into the Sea (It’s Gonna Be Ok)” and “Look What You’ve Done.” Before leaving, Tasha gifted each resident with a signed copy of her latest book, Boundless: A Guided Prayer Journal to Move Freedom from Your Head to Your Heart. The residents were overjoyed as she took the time to personalize each book she signed. Below are just a few of the responses we received from residents about Tasha’s visit.


 “What impacted me most was hearing about the work that the Lord has done in Tasha’s life and the freedom that has been sustained for her. It can be really hard at times to believe that things will be different after Mercy or that processing a memory with the Lord will really get me anywhere. Tasha went through a similar healing process with the Lord, and her life is a testament to the way that He can bring freedom. It may not feel like processing one lie or memory brings progress, but change will likely be more evident over time as more and more of these things are processed and given to the Lord. Hearing Tasha’s story brought encouragement that the Lord really can both bring and maintain freedom to my life.”


“I can just tell that Tasha is such a genuine person who loves Jesus. Her freedom is evident. I am so inspired by her and her music and her freedom. Her song, ‘Look What You’ve Done’ has literally kept me alive. To hear it live brought tears to my eyes because I could see the authenticity behind it. This was an amazing experience.” 


“What impacted me the most from this message was how relatable and amazing Tasha’s life story is. It is so amazing how she came from such a low point in life to now be a mom and singer who testifies to the fact that it is possible to overcome what I am going through. I love how she was such a relatable person despite being famous and it was just so moving to hear her story.”


“The main thing that impacted me the most from her testimony is how she was able to overcome a lot of the bad stuff that tried to bring her down. It really did inspire me to keep on going in life and to not back down even when people try to bring me down. Another thing that impacted me was how she survived through the scars of the past. And how God was always there by her side even when people weren’t there for her. How I will use this in life: 1) to keep on going, no matter what; 2) to keep trust in myself and also in God; 3) to live a successful life with God. Thank you for everything.”


We are so grateful to God for opening the door for us to connect with Tasha. She is so genuine, kind, and an encourager in the faith. We look forward to seeing all that God is going to do through her visit. 


About Tasha Layton

Tasha Layton is well known in the Christian community for her passion and zeal for finding freedom and breakthrough during life’s hardships and challenges. She uses her musical gifts and talents to shine a light on the merciful power of God and how He can transform lives. To learn more, visit