On Saturday, we were blessed to have over 300 supporters in 27 states join us for our annual Virtual Run for Mercy 5K and Family Walk! As of today, a total of $60,200 was raised, exceeding our goal for this year! Our supporters continue to bless us so greatly with their generosity and willingness to partner with us to provide opportunities for all to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power.

On social media, participants updated us on their race days, and we were so happy to see the amazing teams, creative routes, and support from all over the country! Some people did their 5K indoors by walking through the mall, while others hiked a trail or simply ran in their neighborhoods. Many teams incorporated banners, balloon arches, and fun signs to make their routes extra special!

Our Nashville Community Relations Manager, Hayley Freels, had this to say about this year’s 5K:

“We are deeply thankful for the incredible support shown for the 5K! To everyone who signed up, fundraised, prayed, and participated in any way – thank you! Your efforts are making freedom in Christ a reality for those we serve.”

As a way to help build a foundation for their health and wellness, the women in our Residential Counseling Program also train and participate in our annual 5K each year! Their participation and training also teaches them how to set and reach goals in a loving and supportive environment. We are especially thankful for the volunteers and supporters who came to serve and encourage them during race day this year.

Here are some of the encouraging comments we received from our residents about their experiences during this year’s race:

“I have never liked running, but for this race I wanted to push myself! Before this, I could barely run a mile, and now I just ran three! It is truly a blessing to have been able to do this race and push my boundaries to let God take me where He wanted to. I am so thankful to all the staff, sponsors, and donors – thank you for supporting us!”

“Thank you so much to everyone who supported this race both financially and through prayer! This race has meant so much to me, and this has been a part of my life where God just restored so many things for me. Thank you so much for your support!”

“I just want to thank all of our supporters who gave financially and through their prayers! Throughout this journey, the Lord has taught me so many things about endurance and how to keep going. The race seems like there are hills and valleys all the way through it, but God just keeps encouraging us and puts positive thoughts in our minds that keep us going.”

A special thank you to this year’s sponsors CoreCivic, Jessup University, 99.1 JOY FM, and M1 Bank for supporting us this year and partnering with us to see more lives transformed through Christ! We are also so thankful to everyone who fundraised, donated, and participated in this year’s Virtual Run for Mercy 5K and Family Walk!

If you didn’t have the chance to participate in this year’s Virtual Run for Mercy 5K and Family Walk but would still like to donate, click here.