Please join us in congratulating the most recent graduates of our Residential Counseling Program! The young women who graduated have worked very hard, and we know that God has great things in store for them. Please note that minors and graduates not wishing to publish their stories are not shown.


“When I came to Mercy, I learned that God was by my side my whole life. I thought God was my worst enemy, but He softened my heart and helped me surrender. With all the pain stripped away, I was able to fall in love with Him.”


“While at Mercy, I learned that I have so much more life in me and that God has a plan, and He needs me on this earth to do it.”


“At Mercy, God helped me understand that in order to be healed I had to open my arms and heart to Him. Mercy has helped me become a better person and changed my life forever!”


“For the first time, I feel truly free. God showed me that He is the one ordering my steps and that He would never leave me or forsake me.  I know that life will never be perfect, but I know that God is good.”


“Mercy was the first time I learned the real Truth! I know the journey ahead is going to be tough, but I have confidence in knowing that God is by my side.”


“At Mercy, I found my Heavenly Father, or rather, He found me. I found love, acceptance, safety, peace, and belonging in the Lord.”


“I came to Mercy thinking that it wouldn’t even be possible to change, but over time, God did such great work, and He proved me wrong.”


“When I walked through the doors of Mercy, I knew this was the place God wanted me. I had tried everything the world had to offer, and it only left me empty and hopeless.”