This past year our residents have been limited in the number of activities they have been able to participate in outside of the residential homes due to COVID-19. Thanks to organizations like IF: Gathering, who held a virtual conference recently, our residents are still able to attend events that are not only fun, but ones that challenge and grow their faith.

Residents were so excited to participate in the If:Gathering Conference this year, which featured some of their favorite speakers, including Mike Todd, Francis Chan, Sadie Robertson, Jackie Hill Perry, Bianca Olthoff, and many more! The theme and overall message for the conference was, “Even If. Even if the worst happens, we won’t lose hope.”. Some of the topics covered included How to Emotionally Navigate Our Current Season, Anchored: Living in the Deep End, and Finding Joy and Rest. Residents from all of our homes enjoyed the time of worship,  teachings, and the practical truths and encouragements they received from the conference..

 These are just a few of the responses we received from our residents after attending the event.

“I thought this conference was very moving and impactful. My favorite speakers were Sadie, Bianca, Francis, and Mike Todd. I learned so much and had fun. God spoke to me a lot during these two days. I learned I cannot be compared to someone else. We might have similar traits or likes, but we have the same Creator. I learned that to drop our anchor we have to go deeper. Just because you are in the shallow, does not mean that it is safer. I am someone’s anchor and God is my anchor.” -Mercy Resident

“I loved what Sadie Robertson said about being like someone else. That you are you and that we are not a copy. We can’t be like anyone else.  We can only be ourselves. You are perfect the way you are. God made you for a reason, a purpose! Just the way you are. I loved all of this very much and was so moved.” -Mercy Resident

“I really enjoyed this conference. I like the way it was set up so that it was easy to be engaged in both worship and the speakers. The first night Bianca Olthoff said, “The thing that was sent to kill you actually freed you.” Talking about Daniel 3 with the fiery furnace. I relate to that. What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned around for good. Aside from speakers, my passion for missions was revived. I was reminded of the need of the Gospel reaching every single tribe and tongue.” -Mercy Resident